Friday, June 23, 2006

sandwich chocolate cake

heh heh. This is a very very cheat recipe.

As I had said, I made 2 round 8-inch-in-diameter chocolate cake (from a cake mix in a box).
The first one I had put a sweet whipped cream frosting. I put a quarter of it in a tupperware, and on my daily weekly walk, I stopped by at Kak Liza's (the new melayu that just moved in to my compound) house and dropped it off, while I peeped in to see how she's getting along with unpacking her stuff.
Kak Liza had just moved from Om@n. Her husband and her are seasoned expats, having also lived in Edinburgh and Balik Papan (that's in Kalimantan, Indonesia), therefore they had accumulated quite an amount of stuff from their travels. about 130 boxes of it.
yes you can gasp, coz I did too.
it made my house feel SUPER SUPER SUPER bare.
But back to the chocolate cake, coz it makes me feel better than thinking about a bare house.

I still had one more chocolate cake to eat up.
So here's what I did:
. take a knife and cut along the diameter into two round pieces.
. in the mixing bowl, whip up whipping cream with 4 tablespoons of Milo + 1 tablespoon of sugar till stiff peaks form.
. spread the chocolate whip cream on to the bottom piece of the cake, then put the top piece back on.
. voila, a chocolate sandwich chocolate cake!

yum yum yummeh!! ... jangan marah...

"macam beli kat kedai!! " (it's just like the ones from the store) said Ihsan as he gobbled up 2 pieces, one after another.

Definitely will do this again next time.

p/s I didnt tell you that I bought myself a hand-mixer. That's why I've been able to whip stuff up, without batting an eyelid (jangan harap kita nak whip guna tangan, babe!). I bought the hand mixer at the boys' school's Spring Fair. They had a booth selling items donated by parents and someone donated a blackndecker handmixer and it was selling for just 35riyals! woohooo!!!

Watch out for these recipes in the future:
no bake chocolate cheesecake (for bear+diah) and pavlova (thanx to nigella).

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