Monday, June 12, 2006

DBGS Summer Concerts

okay I didnt post this earlier coz I thought the pictures were terrible.
But then I heard what happened to lollies at her son's concert, and thought maybe I could make her feel better.

Ihsan and Ilham had their Summer Concert on the 4th and 8th of June respectively. We came early for both concerts because we came with Izani and wanted a spot where we could park the stroller and not be in people's way. Plus, we wanted to get strategic seats so that we could take pictures.
Unfortunately there were other parents who are more kiasu than us, who had arrived waaaay much earlier and had taken the front seats. So we still ended up sitting behind people.
In each of the concerts, our child's stage time was maybe about only 5 minutes. For Ihsan's concert, which was held early in the morning, we stayed for the whole thing because it was comfortable enough to do so and also because kids between the ages of 4 to 7 are so cute to watch! For Ilham's concert, however, we waited till it was Ilham's class' turn and we left right after coz they held it at 1pm (it was hot hot hot) and the older kids were not that much fun to watch anyways.
Since there were so many people, the pictures that we managed to capture weren't really of boasting quality..

Ihsan's class sang 3 songs, with actions which were so cute. "Little Red Caboose" had a little train action going. "On a Log" had them imitating a frog, a snake, a bee and a goat. Then they did a little hand jive thingy with "Knick-Knack Paddywack".
Ihsan gave a shy smile when he saw us, and I couldnt hear his voice in spite of us reminding him to open up his mouth as wide as he could and sing as loud as he could during breakfast that morning.

Ilham's class sang 2 songs. The first one was "Ebeneezer Sneezer", which was kinda funny and Ilham had a hard time pronouncing Ebeneezer Sneezer so everytime the chorus came, he kept trailing behind. The second song was "There's a Little Wheel that's turning in my heart", which was such a cute song and Ilham sang so loud that we instantly picked up his voice. We were so proud of him because the last time he sang on stage, we couldnt hear him at all.

From attending the kids' concerts in the past year, what I picked up was that they sing the songs that they had learnt in Music class throughout the term, so basically they're singing songs that I had heard them sing in the shower several times before. It's nothing new, it's just a way for them to show parents what they have managed to learn so far.
I have also learnt that concert pictures are never ever clear. They're always blurry and your kid's face is but a tiny speck in a crowd of faces.

So Lollies, don't feel bad.. you can ask Haziq to give you a private concert at home..! :)

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