Monday, June 26, 2006

busy day

woah .. today was kinda busy. I was out of the house almost the whole day.
I woke up really early in the morning to make pavlova again, but I don't know why it didnt turn out crunchy. The crust was kinda soft.. maybe I reduced the sugar too much?? but it was still too sweet for me, so how?
9.45am I packed up baby's stuff and the stuff I wanted to send home to my mom via my friend Sharlee (who's going home to M'sia and I'm not) and we took the compound bus to Sharlee's house.
The kids was so happy to be able to visit their friends. They havent seen them since school closed 2 weeks ago.
The kids played upstairs while the mommies chatted and tried out clothes (Sharlee gave me some clothes that turned out to be too small for her). I felt like charity case, but hey it's free clothes and she seemed so sincere, and the clothes were nice so I agreed to accept a dress (which I can wear when I want to feel glamour glamour at home), a psychedelic long skirt and a really cool NafNaf shirt.
The thing is, I feel kinda close enough to Sharlee that I didnt mind that she even offered. It's almost sister-like coz me and my sisters steal share each other's clothes when we get the chance (and can fit into them) too.

Then we mommies watched Last Holiday which made us really hungry so we ordered ppizza and chicken wings and ate while watching. The kids finished up almost 2 large cheese pizzas with bbq wings while the mommies share one whole large extravaganzza pizza and spicy wings. *burp*. I think all the good food in the movie egged us on.
Then we ate my not-so-pavlova, then I wanted to go home coz I wanted to catch Starting Over, but the kids wanted to go swimming, so Sharlee brought them swimming while I stayed at her house coz Izani wanted to sleep but couldnt do it before coz the kids were so noisy.
I think he slept for like half an hour (and I also took a nap), then I finished off my own pavlova. Then I changed Izani coz he pooped. Then the kids came home at around 3pm. They showered and came downstairs to watch Hoodwinked while eating pop corn and Sharlee prepared dinner for her husband.
I figured the movie was gonna end at almost 5pm, so I called Taufik up asking if he could come and pick us up instead of me calling a cab.
So we ended up staying at Sharlee's till like 6pm or so.
I came home, warmed leftover pizza in the oven and made some creamy spaghetti to go with it.

and here I am.

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