Tuesday, November 30, 2004

f f f f f f f f. i am so effin pissed.

Mood: 31 days till quitting and I cant effin wait Playing: Transformers

Today I am just so effin pissed. FYI, I am working at home for this whole week coz Anis's chicken pox is still contagious and she can't go to school and none of my family members are willing to help take care of her for me.
I woke up. brushed my teeth. went down to make breakfast and started up my computer to dial in to work. and got a call from the office from TheActress (the lady who's acting for my boss coz he's away for the week). She asked me to look at one of the reports that the users are complaining are giving them the wrong numbers. Okay no problem. I was logging on to work anyways
So I looked at the report. They were complaining that my consolidaton project were causing the wrong numbers, but I looked at the report and it wasnt using any of the fields that I had changed. So essentially, the wrong numbers had nothing to do with the changes I made in my project at all. Okay that settled, I started going thru my emails and resolving stuff that I can. I get IM-ed by users a few times, talked to one of my colleagues abt a problem she's facing, troubleshoot it , found out the root cause, wrote a script and was resolving it while checking out my emails. There were a few emails that I thought was best handled by the new SystemAdmin so I forwarded them to the guy, with instructions on how to handle them.
At around 2pm i got an sms from my boss (the one who's supposed to be away) that I'm supposed to cover the SystemAdmin's duties because he (the SystemAdmin) is 'busy with testing of the latest version of the application'.
Okay no big deal. I'm already doing it anyway.
But then this guy started forwarding me all his mails. Every single one. Even the simple ones.
i was like what the f??
So I picked one that I knew was easy, and would be beneficial for him to learn from since he is new and all, and asked him to do it instead. Even gave him specific instructions on how to do it.
And what do I get? TheActress, replied, cc:ed to my boss, asking me to 'work as a team' and help out.
what the f??
I've been working my ass off the whole day, feeding anis only Roti Canai for breakfast AND lunch, working on the issues and she's saying I'm not working as a team and I'm not helping out??
Rasa macam nak SEPAK aje semua semua !!!

I am in the right mind to quit on Dec 10th as planned.
Team my ass.

On a happier note though:
I got Anis to wear the pink-black striped top that her Che'Su gave her with her black tights today. She looked so cute. Like a little petit french girl. WIth her gibberish, she even sounds like she's speaking french.

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