Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Epilogue on "Effin pissed"

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I think I have done injustice to The Actress when I described what happened a few days ago.
She's actually a really nice person. I've known her for at least 5 years. She's a very competent person, very thorough in her work and very knowledgable in her field. I have never known/heard her ever passing the buck with any of her duties and have never been on the receiving end of any if she ever did.
I would consider her a friend, some one who is more than just an acquaintance.
It's the end of the year, there are a lot of deadlines to meet, and the manufacturing (which we support) have a lot of goals to meet. What with limited resources (One of my colleagues just resigned, and me stuck at home), a lot of issues, and the boss away, I think she was pressured to make a decision (and if I heard correctly, The SystemAdministrator, who have been known not to be so supportive and have been known to pass the buck sometimes, have been complaining to her about the sudden increase of responsibilities) .. so maybe that might have been the reason why she had had to put her foot down and wrote that email. Furthermore, how could she know what I was doing if I didnt tell her, right? She can't read my mind, and with me not in the office, she can't see what I'm doing either..
I talked to her and ironed things out and so everything's fine. Don't panic. I havent kicked anybody yet.

Thanx ChekNa for the tips. Will definitely make full use of them!!

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