Monday, December 06, 2004

Jelly & Fruit Salad

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Munch on this while I season my Fictional Jam:

This was concocted out of an emergency. My friends were having a potluck gathering and I had offered to make Konnyaku Jelly dessert. Went to Giant and to my horror, they didnt have them small jelly moulds anymore!!! (somebody bought off all of them during Raya no doubt *glares at zan*) . All that's left were them huge fish moulds. And I was planning to make bitesized jellies..
*thinks hard while looking at the baking contraptions they sold at the same section of the store*
*Sees cookie cutters in all shape and sizes. Sees them ice ball makers. Sees flat baking tray*
So i bought them ice ball makers and a set of cookie cutters and a flat tray.
I already had a can of peaches in syrup in my larder. Also bought Konnyaku jelly powder (the 250gm pack), pineapple flavoring and orange food coloring (coz that's the theme-color for the gathering).

Easy Peasy Jelly&Fruit Salad

In a 2L pot, boil 1250ml of water and dissolve the jelly powder (OR follow the instructions on your jelly pack on how to prepare it).
Add coloring and flavour (alternatively, u can add the syrup from the canned fruit, or fresh juices.. citrus fruits works best).
Pour some jelly into moulds (I used them ice ball makers so I got cute jelly balls)
OR Pour jelly into the flat baking tray, to an acceptable height. (Note: Accceptable height = not higher than your cookie cutter coz else your cookie cutter won't be able to cut through them *duh*)

Let them cool and harden (chill if you must)

Take out jelly from moulds.
For the jelly in the tray, cut out pieces using the cookie cutter. I used them flower shapes and the butterfly shapes.
Dump everything into a bowl.
Dump peach slices into the bowl.
Pour in a bit of the fruit syrup.
Mix them up a bit so that the distribution of each shape in each section of the bowl is roughly even.

To serve:
Ladel some into small bowls, squirt whipped cream.
Interesting texture and taste..

You can seperate the jellies into different colors in different trays. That way, it's prettier when mixed. (mine was orange all over, which was pretty boring).
You can also use mixed cocktail fruits, or any other canned or fresh fruits diced/sliced, this adds different colors, textures and tastes to the dessert.
Sprinkle chocolate or crushed nuts on top of your whipped cream for a crunchier dessert.

Happy trying!

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