Saturday, December 04, 2004

What a day

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Today was pretty hectic.
Woke up and moved to another bed coz the kids were all over me on my bed and I discovered that Taufik had moved to another bed too. I sidled up beside him and then realized how hot he was. He has a fever!
Oh No.
And we had so many things planned for the day.
We had a lunch invitation from my dad, and an MRSM Kuantan Alumni Hari raya Gathering in the afternoon.
After Taufik got back from the clinic, we weighed our options. Since him going out is totally out of the question, it meant that if I were to go anywhere, I'd have to go alone.
Got a call from Didi who wanted a lift and I told her about my situation so we decided to call our 'designated driver in times of emergency' a.k.a Abang Icai (Elida's husband). So called Abang icai and he (well, actually kak long) said okay, but I would have to drive to her house to get the ride. No Problem. Also found out a horrifying detail: It was Mimi's birthday! (mimi is my half sister). I didnt know it was a birthday party! I thought it was just a Hari Raya gathering. I was planning to go empty handed, or with some cuklat nyunyuk for my dad.. (which in the end, I forgot to bring!)
So 10:45am, 45 minutes away from the time I was supposed to be at my sister's house for the ride, I had to rush out and get a present.
So what do you buy a teenager for her birthday?
I was aiming for something for her room (coz when I was that age, I stayed in my room a lot), but my favourite traditional decor store was closed (I was thinking of getting her a pretty decorated rattan basket or something), so off to Teddy Tales I went, with half an hour on the clock. I called Didi up, and she said she brought home a watch for Mimi, so i thought, okay, I'll get her something she could put the watch in.
I browsed Teddy Tales and most of their stuff are like very pengantin (fit for a bride), all frilly and lacy and rosy and ribbons.. till I saw this cute little jewellery box. Okay no time to think. That's what she's getting.
Looked for a gift box, but found one that was too small, found one that was too big, so I went with the bigger one. Went to another store to buy them tissue paper to stuff it with. Even did the wrapping myself. I must've done quite a good job coz the girl who worked there asked me if I wanted to replace her... heh heh.
Anyways, so paid for everything, rushed home, changed the kids, kissed the husband and went to pick up Didi then drove to kak long's place.

Have you ever been in a car with 6 kids? You don't want to.
What's worse is, on the way back, there were not 6, but 8, Yes, EIGHT kids in the car.
Ilham kept singing "it's the C.A.M.P fire S.O.N.G. song, it's the C.A.M.P fire S.O.N.G. song, it's the C.A.M.P fire S.O.N.G. song" (I think it's from SpongeBob), and kept taunting Aiysha by calling her "Eager McBeaver" (I don't know where he got this). Once in a while you'd hear Aliya say "Quiet please, Dada driving" but most of the time she's drowned out by Anis who keeps screaming "Abam!!" and "Adam!!" and "Anis Suhaila!"
Luckily I was in the front passenger seat.
I think Didi sighed in relief when we finally reached home and the kids poured out of the car.
I reached home about 4. Taufik was napping on the sofa with a wet towel over his head.
A few people at the MRSM Kuantan Alumni gathering sent me text msg-es asking me where I was, I had to reply with regrets for not being able to make it.
Took a nap.
Watched "Bowling For Columbine", which I thought was pretty good in content, but was a bit haphazard in presentation and sometimes I didnt like the approach Michael Moore took when interviewing some people. I mean how could you embarass Charlton Heston.. "Moses Himself".. I thought MrMoore could've approached the subject with more tact and respect.. then maybe he'd get a respond, and wouldnt make the person feel like he's being accused or attacked.
I cried at some parts, especially during the 911 calls (from both Columbine and the Buell elementry school)
Then the kids played Transformers.. and now Taufik is playing Transformers. I guess he's feeling better.

Been working on a Fictional Jam.. it's been brewing and stewing for quite a while. I think I'll dish it out tomorrow.

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