Sunday, November 28, 2004


Originally written on Nov 16th 2004

Things that make me think of you.
(among other things..)

Dave Matthews Band (remember when i asked you why his voice makes me feel like falling in love? you said maybe coz his voice reminds us of possibilities)
Debbie Gibson's Lost In Your Eyes (I don't know how many times I've cried when I hear this song playing on the radio)
X-Files (I really wish you were around to share the joy of watching Mulder and Scully finally kiss. Bet you thought it would never end.)
Rizwal (I get mixed feelings everytime I see or talk to him. I don't know whether to comfort or ask to be comforted. But I think he's doing well. He's happy. He's a father now)
Calling Anis by her full name (which is a weird thing coz I only do that when I'm mad at her and as soon as I call her by her full name, I'd think of you and my anger would dissipate)
Survivor (I really miss messaging you in the middle of the night)
Richard Marx's Right Here Waiting (I used to laugh at you for liking this corny song so much.)
anything sung by Jamiroquai(actually I cant look at a floppy sock hat without thinking of you)
5th day of Syawal (I keep expecting to get a call from Rizwal)
Nov 16th (Happy Birthday. You would have been 33)

and i still miss you

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Posted by: riza
Date: 11/28/04 at 3:54PM (1M4w ago)
the yarn about rizwal in one of your postings touched me deep. especially at this placid moment. regret not for introducing him to your departed best friend. there are lots of things in this life which we regret the most are the risks that didnt dare to take. things happen because they are meant to happen. the show must go own. one thought once flashed in my mind. i can't imagine my life now or ahead IF we at one time fell in love and got married. i bet we would quarrel over things that others would even want to put their minds into. worst still if we only had one computer at home...( by the way, the other day, my wife asked me to marry my computer !!!)

Posted by: gartblue (Offline)
Date: 11/28/04 at 5:09PM (1M4w ago)

I'm sorry for your loss ... i lost a close friend too on 12th Ramadhan .. he would have been 32 today .. we've mourned heaps and learned heaps too ..

Posted by: Pok Ku
Date: 11/29/04 at 3:00AM (1M4w ago)
I have an old Jamiroqui cd somewhere. Want to take it to Saudi?

Posted by: mokciknab
Date: 11/29/04 at 3:38AM (1M4w ago)
here's something to cheer you up a bit : yesterday, as you know, we brought your boys, Ilham and Ihsan to a water-logged wedding (that's another story). Ilham and Ihsan plus my three kids means complete mayhem in the car, especially when they're wet children. To stop them from laughing their kidneys out at their own horribly inane jokes, their auntie, Didi played a spell-it-backwards game. So it goes like this :

Didi : Adam, spell clinic backwards.
Adam : err c-n, no c-i-n-i-l-c
Didi : ok. good! Aiysha spell door backwards.
Aiysha : R-O-O-D!
Didi : That's right! Now, Ilham, spell apple backwards.
Ilham : a-p-l-k-e-r-f-g-h-j- k-l
Didi : no, no that's not how you spell apple
Ilham : But that's how they spell apple in Saudi Arabia!

And then we stopped at the toll booth and Ilham saw the name of the collector, pasted at the side.
"Eh, Suhaila!", he beamed. The kids all waved at her and she waved back, smiling.

Posted by: meowxx (Offline)
Date: 11/29/04 at 3:46AM (1M4w ago)


Fame is the scentless Sunflower, with a gaudy crown of gold;
But Friendship is the breathing Rose, with sweets in every fold.

Posted by: LoLlieS (Online)
Date: 11/29/04 at 5:26AM (1M4w ago)
I love Jamiroquai. Sniff. Sniff

Posted by: elisataufik (Offline)
Date: 11/29/04 at 7:19AM (1M4w ago)

Thanx for all the kind words.

Incidently, Anis has been going around repeating "Anis Suhaila" again and again and again and again today. I don't know what has gotten into her, but today she insists that I call her by her full name.

Me: "Anis.."
Anis: "bukan..! Anis Suhaila!" (No..! Anis Suhaila !)
Me: "okay.. Anis Suhaila.."
Anis: "Saya!" (That's Me!) *beams in joy*

"we were but stones, ... your light made us stars"

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