Sunday, November 07, 2004

Dinosaurs in Trengganu

I apologize to readers who have no idea what the Trengganu language is..

I think I’ve been reading too much Ikang Kering..
Coz I was watching Dinosaurs with the kids last night and I was thinking how it would be if a Trengganu person wrote the subtitles. I was even imagining, if they were to translate that animated movie for the Trengganu audience, this is what it would sound like: (best read when you’re watching Disney’s Dinosaur with the volume turned down)

Aladar’s egg falls into the forest. Lemurs scatter around in fear. Plio peers thru leaves

Zini: Yar what is it? Pok yar, gedia tuh?
Yar: I don’t know Aku dok tahu lah..

Plio goes to check out the egg

Yar: Plio get back here, you dont know what it is! Mek plio, maghi sini! Dok soh gi lah! Mu dok tahu gedia nnatang tuh!

plio sniffs, sees the egg cracking

Plio: dad, get over here Pok Yar, cer mu maghi sinni metta.

Zini starts to join Plio, Yar pulls him back

Yar: zini it’s not safe! Awang, mung dok soh gi ah. Mung dudok sinni. Bahaya tuh.
Zini: oh I always have to go when stuffs happening! Augghhhh...Aku sokmo dokleh tengok!

Yar joins Plio

Yar: what, what is it? Doh, gedia tu, mek ?
Plio: It was an egg.. look.. Sakni telor.. lenning..tengok lah..
Yar: Ugh!
Plio: What? Bakpe pok yar?
Yar: it’s a cold blooded monster from across the sea, vicious, flesh eating.! Nih nattang jahak dari beloh nuh nih.. nattang ni makang daging nih!
Plio: Looks like a baby to me. Napok macang anok kecik jah..
Yar: Babies grow up. You keep that thing, one day, we’ll turn our backs, it’ll be picking us out of its teeth. Things like that eat things like us as snacks. Anok pong.. kekgi jadi besor. Mung sipang nnattang tuh, kekgi acu nok tidor, sedor-sedor, kita dok celoh gigi dia. Nattang gittu makang kita macang makang khrepok jah!
Plio: So, what do we do? Pahtu nok wak guaner?
Yar: Get rid of it! Huh! Tohok buang lah! Huh!

yar walks away

Plio: What has gotten into you? Bakper dok tau, pok yar nih..
Yar: Plio, that thing is dangerous! Mek plio.. nattang tu bahaya aku kata..
Plio: *sigh* I’m sorry little one. .. okay get rid of it. *gives baby to Yar* *Ngeluh* Mitok ma-ah lah kecik we… hoh.. mung lah tohok. *wi ke pok yar*
Yar: Allright, I will Buleh.. aku buleh tohok..

Yar mutters and attempts to throw baby Aladar

Plio: You better hurry up dad, it looks hungry Derrah skek pok yar weh.. napok macang lapor doh tuh..

Baby gurgles, yawns and pees. Yar’s heart melts

Yar: Here. Noh. Mung ambik lah semula..
Plio: It’s okay, we’ll teach him to hate meat Dakper lah Pok Yar… kita ajor dia makang sayur deh..

Plio takes baby. Yar starts to walk away , and turns for a final word

Yar: Watch his head..! I mean watch it, he could bite. Jaga paller dia..! Eh, jaga-jaga sikik.. dia kekoh kekgi, aku dok tahu..

Other lemurs gather around Plio. Zini checks the baby’s mouth

Zini: This monster’s got no teeth..what’s he gonna do? Gum us to death? Nnattang ni tak dok gigi starang pong…dia nok wak mende? Nok gonye kita sapa mapuh?
Plio: Zini, come on, look at that sweet little face.. does that look like a monster to you? Cer mung tengok gak..muka comey lotte ginni.. dok kang lah jahak..

Now read it again, but imagine Plio berkemban (in a sarong tied up to her chest), and Pokyar wearing a rolled kain batik on his head, with a rokok daun (handmade cigarette) behind his ear…
ha ha ha…

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  1. kak elisa... i just read this and its quite funny...