Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Who do you look like?

Hm... book reviews are never popular with commenters.. ;)

Last night while having dinner at a restaurant near our house, one of my friends (who also frequents the place) came with his wife.
Somehow Anis was so shy with him. Maybe coz he likes to look at Anis. She would cover her face and then peep through her fingers to see if my friend was still watching her.
Halfway through dinner, Ilham asked me
"Who is that?" pointing to my friend.
"He's my friend, he's Uncle XXXX. You've met him before, havent you?"
"He looks like Bob"
"Bob from Akademi Fantasia"

I almost choked on my fried rice.
I laughed and said "really??"

A few minutes later he said
"That guy looks like Ki (grandfather)" pointing to the guy frying the kuey teow, who was fair skinned and wears glasses.
"and that guy looks like Kaer" pointing to the guy selling rice porridge, who is thin and lanky and has wavy hair.

I guess children associate everything with the familiar.
I wonder who I look like... hmmm...

Edited to add:
I just remembered .. a while before or after this conversation, Uncle XXXX commented that Anis didnt look me nor Taufik. And said Ilham looked like me.. and Ihsan didnt look like me.
I don't know which conversation triggered which. But both were funny to me..
btw, alot of people say Anis looks exactly like me, but I think I look more like Ihsan when I was a little girl and Ilham looks like Taufik when they were babies.
and it is undisputed that Ihsan looks like his grandfather.

Who do you think you look like?

Dear Uncle XXXX,

Please don't be angry..... and thankyou for your gift. We enjoyed your CD. But we only managed to listen to half a song during the short drive back to our house last night. Who are they anyway?

Ilham, Ihsan and Anis Suhaila

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