Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Answers to Questions from previous post

mm kay, i started to write a comment for the previous post in answer to all the questions raised, but it got really long, so I decided to make a post out of it.. hee hee
(yeah Dana, I'm cheating)

I got this PS2 practically free. I use my credit card to buy stuff most of the time and I havent redeemed anything for a really long time, so I have accumulated a substantial amount of 'reward points', enough to redeem a PS2. (I was saving up for a trip to mauritius, but they had taken that out of the redemption catalogue this year *bleagh*)
I don't know anything about any other systems, coz actually, I'm not a gamer. The last real vdo game I played was some alien shoot-up game on Nintendo when I was in the US. That's like 10 years ago. So prior to PS2, the only 'games' I played were minesweeper, solitaire, freecell and tetris. Yeah, so lame.
But I do like to watch XPlay on TechTV ... just cause i like watching the animations and so that I know what games NOT to get.
So don't ask me about XBox or nintendo etc. The best person to ask (for me) is OnEdge, or mokciknab's Adam, who by the way, also has a blog : here , but he doesnt update it that often, coz he's 9 and he's got homework and exams and eating and other stuff to do.

what were the other questions? *Looks at comments*
Oh, I got the screenshots from this gaming site I found while googling for images. It's pretty cool site. When I have the time, I would definitely visit again and browse the other games.

Okay about my PS2. Yes, original games are really really really expensive over here, so we bought cetak rompak ones. Taufik had to hantar the PS2 to some kedai cina kat KLCC and then diorang rewire ke apa tah supaya boleh main game ciplak.
*Note the sudden use of local language. I am talking about something that is actually illegal. tee hee..*
*oh i could rant about this topic , i.e. why i chose the illegal route instead of the legal ones and the opression of the burgeois who i cant even spell but I have to get back to work really soon, so I wont.*

Our interest in videogames is something Taufik&I have in common. We're not overly passionate about it, but we're also not against it. Being somewhat careful with his money, videgames are one of the few things that Taufik is willing to spend on. Even then, he's open to ways to cut corners and save him money (re: redeeming for the PS2 instead of paying for it).

Often times when we play these games, we will later talk about how it might have been programmed. We both like games with good graphics, and a high level of interactiveness, but not necessarily high complexity. A difficult game is challenging, but a too difficult game to master can be a turn off.
Taufik really likes to experiment with the games and find out the different things he is allowed to do with it. I.e. what happens if Shrek hits the donkey? Can he shoot down his friend instead of the enemy? Will he be punsihed some way? We are often suprised and pleasantly delighted to when we find that programmers take the time to think up of these scenarios and actually make the game react to it accordingly and correctly.

I am often the 'technical and tactical advisor' when it comes to these games. I decipher the instructions and find out the tactics. Finish shooting the red ones first and you'll complete the level even if the yellow ones are still alive. You can get across the moat by jumping on the flowers. The ogre can't see you if you hide behind the stairs. Sully can jump and pounce to destroy objects that otherwise would hurt him etc
Taufik has better hand-eye coordination than me, so he's usually the one playing and would teach me how to work the buttons. He's the one the kids and I turn to when there's a particularly difficult level that requires speedy reactions.

Rogue Squadron eh, Avi? will definitely check it out.

pizzofmine : there'll be a vacancy in December. coz I'll be quiting, but I don't know if my boss will be hiring or not, coz they're kinda in a tight budget right now

Blog Comments

Posted by: MeQ (Offline)
Date: 9/21/04 at 8:30PM (1M4d ago)

Uhm, Rogue Squadron is for the GameCube :)
I have both of those;
But man, I love the Burnout series (racing with a twist), and the SSX series (funk snowboarding). Must check those 2 out.

And XPlay rocks \m/

Gran Turismo, ATV Offroad Fury series, Final Fantasy, etc, etc
Hundreds and hundreds of games.

Right, cough.
But the GCN has Metroid!

Fly me to the moon

Posted by: OnEdge
Date: 9/21/04 at 9:12PM (1M4d ago)
Don't know about the other platforms...but between PS2, Gamecube and XBox..the summaries are..

PS2 has loads and loads and loads of titles. (but they are not necessarily good)

Gamecube is an enigma to me...I don;t know much

XBox is catching up with Ps2 in titles...and they will almost always win hands down in terms of graphics. But PS2 is more user friendly. It looks cooler too.

Posted by: 375mL (Online)
Date: 9/21/04 at 9:20PM (1M4d ago)
PS2 - Casual gamers.
Xbox - Casual fans also.
GameCube - Dedicated fans.

The GCN offers nothing than gaming so you don't get the extra features like DVD playback etc with it. That's a turn off for a lot of people, but the Nintendo are probably the best company at pumping out great games.

I had a PS2 but I sold it to get an Xbox. I haven't regreted it thus far ;)

What sorts of genres are you interested in?

Posted by: elisataufik (Offline)
Date: 9/21/04 at 9:38PM (1M4d ago)

mL: what genres... hm.. i don't really like those RPG-shoot-em-up games like Doom or quake. nor those kungfufighting games like erm.. ninja something.
I like games with a bit of a story, and a bit juvenile, like picking up stuff (rings, eyeballs, cookies).. mainly so that even my kids can play it.
But the one thing i really really love: Pinball! Regular pinball, alien pinball...I have one on my handphone and I play it everyday... mmmmm love my handphone..

"we were but stones, ... your light made us stars"

Posted by: MeQ (Offline)
Date: 9/21/04 at 10:57PM (1M4d ago)

These might interest you:
Sly Cooper (1 or 2)
Ratchet and Clank (1 or 2)
Jak and Daxter (1 or 2)
Tak and the Power of JuJu (I think there's a second one ...)

Look those up, Ratchet and Clank is definately an awesome title.

Fly me to the moon

Posted by: MeQ (Offline)
Date: 9/21/04 at 10:59PM (1M4d ago)

XBox most notable titles for me are
Halo (of course)
Panzer Dragoon Orta
Crimson Skies

I really want Crimson Skies, it's just so freaking awesome...

Fly me to the moon

Posted by: 375mL (Online)
Date: 9/21/04 at 11:55PM (1M4d ago)
So like adventure games. You can't really go wrong with the ones MeQ suggested.

Posted by: elisataufik (Offline)
Date: 9/22/04 at 8:11PM (1M3d ago)

oh, is that what it's called? "Adventure Games" ?
lol better remember that next time I speak to another gamer ;)

"we were but stones, ... your light made us stars"

Posted by: 375mL (Online)
Date: 9/23/04 at 9:49AM (1M2d ago)
Yeah. Adventure, platformer. Whichever. Those are my favourite games as well :)

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