Tuesday, September 14, 2004


It was 9pm. The streets were illuminated only by the lights coming out of the shop fronts.
She sat in the parked car, waiting for her husband who went to the grocer's to pick up some Cheerios for the kids' breakfast the next day.
The kids were playing 'dinosaurs' in the back seat. The sounds of their growls and roars surrounds her and sometimes she could feel the car rock.
"Don't be so rough with your little brother" she would reprimand once in a while.
There were people coming in and out of cars and crossing the street, but none paid attention to her car. If they did, they saw the kids bouncing in the back seat. They didn't see her sitting in the dark. She felt invisible.

It was then that she saw him.
Tall and walking down the lane in front of the shops in sure strides.
It wasn't bright enough to see his face clearly but she could make out the clean hair cut, the sharp nose, the masculine jaw, the long eyelashes.
He was wearing work clothes. A clean light blue long sleeved shirt, and pressed khaki pants. His tie was peeking thru one of his pockets and she could see that he has quite a taut .. erm.. body.
She could imagine him sitting in the office with his tie on, talking on the phone while tip tapping on his laptop. An office with a view of the city rooftops.
She imagined him walking into lobbies, being greeted by concierges, ushered to tables, waited on by waiters. Looking all GQ and elegant.

She watched his silhouette saunter pass and his right hand passing his car keys to his left. She wondered what car he drove. Probably a beemer.
She watched his right hand reach up to his chin, and she imagined him going to facials and getting massaged by ladies in white. He would walk out of the spa, looking clean shaven and refreshed and his face would beam. Was he also picking up cereal for the next day's breakfast? Probably Post and not Cheerios.

She saw him rub his index finger slightly on his chin before he
picked his nose.

"eeeyyyyyeewwww!!!!!" she said out loud and laughed.
The car stopped rocking.
"What is it mommy??" "What did you see?"
"then why did you say eeyeewww??" "What did you see, mommy??"
"i saw someone pick his nose"
"errr... it wasnt me" "you did pick your nose!"
"I did not" "did too.. you're always picking your nose"
"you're lying! I did not" "did too"
"did not" "did too!!!"
The car rocked.
As the kids' voices drowned the sound the radio, it also drowned the image of the man from her mind

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