Monday, April 13, 2009

Ops Jalan Sakan : Road Trip to UAE & Oman

12 people, 4 adults, 8 children, 2 cars, 8 days, 2 countries, 6 hotels, thousands and thousands of miles and 1800+ pictures, most of which did not make the cut.

Lots and lots of driving. We had a long distance drive almost every other day. We drove through rocky deserts, mountains, sand dunes, on small roads, three lane highways, roads that look over cliffs falling into the sea, pass bedouin tents and small villages, towns, cities and skyscrapers. At one point we even drove underwater!

As usual, I wish that we had more time. We had to just skim thorugh some places. We had to scrap visiting Sur so that we could have time to visit Nizwa. We extended our stay in Dubai for 3/4 of a day and then drove down to Abu Dhabi to spend a night there, so that our drive home would not be too long.
If I had a chance for a do-over, I'd probably just spent the whole 8 days in Oman and save Dubai for another trip.
But then in Dubai I met a lot of friends (old, and new, and one that felt like an old friend even though it was the first time we got to meet face to face *grin*), so I can't say I did not enjoy my time in Dubai.

Click for a larger map.
Blue lines are what we planned and purple ones are what we actually did.

To come: more detailed stories on each of the places we visited!


  1. Anonymous3:16 AM

    you're back too! how was the trip?

    Eh.. you'll answer that in few parts. heheh

  2. *green with envy*

    i've got relatives in dubai and abu dhabi. highly recommended tak to go?

    cant wait for more stories!

  3. Just curious- did you get to taste the legendary Halwa Muscat when you were in Muscat? I hope Halwa Muscat really exists in Muscat, unlike Air Bandung.
    Hugs and kisses.

  4. and still had time to receive lolliesfamily as guests? you guys must've timed it really nicely gitu. welcome back.

  5. nina,
    ya ya.. nak start menulis lah ni :)

    after visiting Oman, Dubai and Abu Dhabi rasa macam concrete jungle. Nak jalan2 tengok modern architecture and engineering feats boleh lah kot. And if you like malls.

    Yes I did!
    It looked like dodol, and tasted like dodol spiked with perfume arab due to the rosewater and spices. It's an acquired taste, I guess.

    Actually, we almost didnt get to meet, sebab I was supposed to come home on the 9th to welcome them on the 10th, tapi I extended my stay in Dubai for another day.
    I was expecting them to drive back to Qatar on the 9th, tapi alih2 tengok, on our way home on the 10th tu, they asked me where IKEA khobar was, so apalagi... I met them there as soon as I got in town and dragged them to my house!