Saturday, April 18, 2009

"If you like it, save the rainforest"

Anis was going 'round the house singing "If you like it, save the rainforest", over and over again.
I thought that she had developed a love for the environment.

We were listening to the World Chart Show on Radio Bahrain when I realized that she was singing the chorus to Beyonce's Single Ladies.

tee hee

That song makes me wanna bop and jiggy.

Have you seen the Envirosax(r) at Living Wing? They are *SO* cute!! I want one!!! I want four!!!


  1. tipah tertipu. haha.

  2. that's not how the lyrics goes kan? can't remember any environment thingy in that ehehehe

  3. mosh,
    the lyric goes
    "if you like it, you should put a ring on it"