Sunday, April 26, 2009

Killer Among Us

Yesterday I caught Larry King Live and the topic was 'A Killer Among Us', discussing about how sociopaths and psychopaths think and how difficult it is to understand and identify them before they start killing people.
Suddenly one of the members of the panel came up with this gem:
"In fact, the most dangerous psychopath is the one that appeared on this show, and I'm talking about M@hmoud Ahmadenij@d ... wants to destroy Israel, etc etc."
(or something to that effect).

I am not a supporter nor fan of Ahmadinej@d, but mister member of the panel sir, should I point out to you that Ahmadinej@d has not started any wars and has not directly caused deaths of any citizens from his own country or another country, but I can't say the same about your former president.
If you put your former president against the same standards, who's the psychopath?


  1. ya sangat sangat setuju!

    did you read about the UN walkout in Geneva when Ahmadenij@d spoke about Israel being a racist regime? here:

    youtube pun ada.

    when i read that, i was like....whokkkkk???? in denial ke apa dorang ni??? if it was not in UN conference to address the issue, then, where/when else???

    Laknatullah sungguh diorang-diorang ni...

  2. hanie7:06 AM

    betul tu kak elisa...

    in their weird,deluded little world,the former president is a saint.

  3. Have you guys seen Zeitgeist?

    Someone pointed out this movie to me and I found it very interesting.
    Tapi pandai2lah tapis sendiri which bits are true and which bits are not, ya?
    It explains a lot about their psyche though. Always needing an enemy, thus always pointing at one.

  4. wah... full movie. kena tengok later ni. definitely piqued my interest watching the first few minutes