Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Izani is 3!

Izani turned three today.
I had taken a video to show you how much he has progressed in terms of his speech, but it's taking forever to upload into Yootoob, so I'm just gonna write about his progress.

This boy talks alot.
Sometimes you can understand him, sometimes you can't. I am pretty amazed at his understanding of the applications of certain words and phrases though.
Like he knows how to use 'because'. He knows when to use "You're so mean!" and that it's the opposite of "You're so nice".
The other day he was arguing with his dad and he said "You're so mean!" and Taufik said he won't take him to the pool and he retracted and said "You're so nice, ayah. I want to be your friend".
tee hee.

He has quite a good memory too.
During our vacation in Oman, we played the shopping list game where everybody take turns to recite the shopping list before adding their very own item at the end of the list (thus making the list longer and longer as the game progresses). Izani joined in and he not only understood the rules of the game, but he could remember most of the items on the list, (even the unusual ones, like MountainDew) albeit some not in order.

He is somewhat toilet trained.
He only wears diapers for bed and during long journeys (just in case). So far he has been very good at holding it and telling us when he needs to go. Yesterday he even went himself. He climbed up the toilet, sat, did his thing, grabbed the sprayhose thingy, washed himself, climbed down, dried, flushed and ran out quickly from the bathroom. I only heard the flush and saw him running out when I realized that he had done it all on his own.
The other day he had an accident, though. We were at a friend's house in Muscat. I had brought him to the toilet the moment we arrived, but about an hour later the bigger boys came complaining that Izani peed in his pants. Apparently he was playing with a bag of ice. I never knew that affected your bladder somehow. But oh my god the embarassment!!! I wanted to die. I had to wash off Izani and apologized profusely to the lady of the house. :P
He still has the habit of taking off his clothes whenever he wants, though, and now that he's not wearing diapers, it's worse , coz he'd be dangly all over the house. I had bought him tiny underwear (which he correctly calls 'underpants') but he seldom wears them.

I can't wait to send him to school in September. I think he'll love it.

Happy 3rd Birthday Izani!!


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday Izani!!!

  2. happy 3rd bd izani! his birthday is close to my son's (khalid!) 11.04 yang baru lepas. 3 year olds are so fun!

  3. oh man look at that face. geramnyaaaa

    ya ka tak sabar nak dia gi sekolah? entah-entah kerinduan nanti. tee he he

  4. comel sungguh boboy Elisa ni.. memang teringat-ingat lagi kenotyan dia heheee..

    Happy Birthday Izani!!!

  5. Anonymous3:33 AM

    i wanna see him running with Aliff. Hehehe

    Happy Birthday Izani! gomol him for me, please.

  6. Firhad3:38 AM

    yes, all of us missed him a lot.

    Happy Birthday Izani!

    Come home quick!

  7. Cheeky nya muka Izani. Gerammmm

    Happy 3rd Birthday to Izani!

  8. ehehehe happy birthday izani. ummi/ ayah bagi present apa?

  9. ever experience having the kid "bleeding" it out a shoe shop (actually Nike shop at Factory Outlet in San Antonio:). Toilet is at the end of the block and the shop is kind of at the beginning of the block. Ha ha....I know how you feel when Izani did that.

  10. TulisJe5:16 PM

    Happy 3rd birthday izani! So much more advanced daripada Aliff. Aliff is not toilet trained and I don't think he can understand the shopping list game. He loves it when I make grocery lists tho', and will offer to hold the list for me while in the shopping cart.

    They should get together soon! You've never met any of my kids!

  11. comel.. happy belated birthday, izani!

  12. pinjam Izani, bleh tak?? Jeles, lah... *sigh*

    Kejap ek dia dah besar...yet Cik Lin still in denial la, 'Yang...i can't be growing older, can i? haha

    my hugs hugs hugs gigit gigit gomol gomol to izani, bleh? especially time dia dangling all around macam toyol brambut lebat...hehehe. misti tiyut giler!

  13. famygirl4:04 PM

    ohmy he's 3 already?? cepatnya masa berlalu.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Izani!!! :)

  14. Aunties and Uncles,

    Thanx so much for the well wishes!!