Thursday, December 04, 2008

Preparing Myself - Ready to go

Alhamdulillah, I think I have everything I need.
I leave everything else to Allah.

Please pray for the safety of my children.
Please pray for Hajj that is mabrur (accepted by Allah) and a safe return, for my husband and I.

my number is on my FB account if you have last minute requests for me to make du'a for you.
Insya-Allah, I will pray for all my family and friends, happiness, health and baraqah, and if you are a muslim (or will be become one in the future), I will also pray that you will get the opportunity to perform your own Hajj & Umrah.

p/s thankyou for all the well wishes and advice you have given me via this blog, FB, email and sms.. forgive me if I have not had time to reply to you.


  1. I'm not sure if you're able to read this since I think you're in the flight by now..

    Semoga Elisa dan husband mendapat haji mabrur. Semoga selamat didalam perjalanan..
    semoga selamat di Tanah Haram dan semoga selamat kembali.. Ameen...

  2. selamat jalan Elisa dan suami, semoga pemergian yang membawa keberkatan dunia akhirat!

    "Labbaikallah hummallaibaikkk "

    you are amongst the chosen ones!!

  3. *join sama doa dengan orang lain for Elisa's and Topik's Haji Mabrur, and their kids' safety*


  4. Doa mak teh agar Elisa dan suami selamat menyempurnakan ibadah haji, dipermudahkanNYA segala urusan dan mendapat haji mabrur!

    Percayalah apabila Elisa di sana nanti asyik melakukan ibadah Elisa akan lupakan hal lain dan anak-anak. Selepas selesai haji nanti barulah kita akan teringat anak-anak semula dan pada masa itu ingin kembali dengan segera ke rumah kita kerana amat merindukan anak-anak.

  5. Anonymous10:25 AM

    selamat berangkat pergi, selamat mengerjakan ibadah dan selamat berangkat pulang