Monday, December 01, 2008

Preparing Myself - 4 days to go.

So ..
logistic wise, everything is confirmed.
We're leaving on 4th Dec (Thursday, 6th Dzul-Hijjah), coming back on the 12th (14th Dzul-Hijjah).
We'll be performing Umrah (Tawaf Qudum & Saei) at Masjidil Haram the night we arrive, then only go to our hostel. We'll be staying in Awali, a suburb of Makkah, for the 2days.
On the 7th (9th DzulHijjah), we'll move after fajr to Arafah and spend most of the day there. After maghrib we'll make a move to Muzdalifah.
After midnight on the 8th (10th DzulHijjah), we'll leave Muzdalifah and head for masjidil Haram and perform our Tawaf ifadhah and saei and tahallul and be free of our ihrams. (Taufik is going to shave his head! eeeps!!)
In the afternoon we'll leave for Mina to stone Jamratul Aqobah, then rest for the night at the camp.
We'll spend the 9th (11th DzulHijjah) in Mina, hopefully using up the battery on my handphone reading Qur'an and reciting dzikir, insya-Allah, then stone the 3 jamrats after Isya'.
On the 10th (12th Dzulhijjah), after fajr, we'll return to Awali, or maybe not, depending on the camp conditions in Mina (if it's comfortable, we may just stay). If we do go back to Awali, we will travel to Mina at night to stone the 3 Jamrats for the 2nd time, and spend the last night there.
On the 11th (13th DzulHijjah), we will stone the 3 jamrats after dzuhr, for the last time, then head for Makkah for Tawaf Wida'. That night we will head for Taif Airport.
Our flight will leave Taif at 7:30am and arrive Dammam around 11:00am, Insya-Allah.

I have packed my bags. I've bought socks and other essentials. I have sewn a few slip on tudungs. All I still need is a cardigan, and a small bag for the nights in Mina.
I have written all the du'a-s everyone have asked to make for them. I have yet to write down my own (and list everyone who have passed that I want to pray be placed in jannah).
I have downloaded dzikrs and some surahs with translation into my phone for me to listen to while on the bus or if I feel like sewing instead of reading.

I still have not finished writing down my will. I am procrastinating for some reason.

My kids will be staying with a family friend. They have 4 children of their own, 3 of which are older girls. The wife is a good cook and she loves to cook, so I am assured that my kids wont go hungry. Incidently they will also be taking care of 4 other children from a friend of ours who are coming with us, so they will have 12 children in their house! Allah bless their souls for being so kind and helpful in our time of need!
I havent packed their bags, will do that on Wednesday. I have written a note to their teachers to excuse them on Wednesday (It's the last day of school anyways).
Still need to buy cereal and snacks for the kids.
I have bought activity books for them to use so that they dont get bored.
I have trained Ilham to basuh bontot izani.

I have been dilligent in my solat and making sure I do it on time.
I have performed Solat Tawbah.
I have sent an email to a friend whom I felt I have wronged. She forgave me.
I have called my mom and family to ask for forgiveness. I will call my dad on Thursday before I leave. He always knows how to assure me.
I have stopped reading piahzadora and pray I will not go there again.

hm.. so why do I still feel like I am not ready?
It's normal to feel nervous, yes?


  1. I'm touched and happy for you..

    semoga memperolehi haji mabrur.. Ameen...

    those feelings are normal, I guess. Take care and pray a lot...

  2. everything will be fine insyaallah

    take care kak elisa!

    *big bear hugs*

  3. It is normal to feel nervous, anxious, butterflies, and the likes. I'm so happy for you.

    (p.s. you are SO organized!)

  4. Neeza,
    Dan bagaimanakah dengan persiapan cik abang?

    Thanx dik!! *Huggles*

    Organized kah? I have to write things down, or else I will forget.
    Plus all people keep asking is "dah siap sedia semua?", "have you gotten ready?" .. you can't help but prepare :P

  5. phew the itinerary sounds so tight ey? ye la kat sini orang pergi lebih dari 2 minggu... you gi 8 hari aje. tabik!

    also tabik! to your family friend. Allah indeed bless their souls for taking care TWELVE kids for the duration! mak aii!

    stopped reading piahzadora altogether??? alaaa where's the fun for the mak aji, then?? ;-D

    hey elisa, semoga haji you and topik topan haji yang mabrur, selamat pergi dan selamat balik, semoga dipermudahkan segala-gala di sana, ditunjuk segala perkara yang baik-baik belaka, dikuatkan lagi semangat cinta pada Allah, junjungan Rasul dan suami tersayang... dan, erm, ada orang masuk tak dalam list nak dapat baby yang sihat dan pandai by next year? nak join sekaki bley? *grins*

    mak ai panjangnya komen kita.

    sekali-sekala update la dari sana, ek. we'll all miss ya. *sniff*

  6. Kuh kuh kuh Taufik botak!

    You know it, I know it, everybody knows it, YOU HAVE TO POST HIS PICTURE, all clean shaven.

    Kuh kuh kuh.

  7. Insya Allah everything will be ok... *hugs*

  8. OHH!!
    leaving on the 4th..
    that explains it.

    Don't worry so much.
    Just go with a pure heart and mind and God will lead you the rest of the way.

  9. elisa
    that's what I felt when I was about to board the plane in dec 2006. don't worry, once you get there, you'll definite be ready for it.
    just be patience, and you'll need to be, all the time. perbanyakkan ibadah dan doa di arafah.
    semoga elisa dan taufik mendapat haji yang mabrur. Aamiiiiin.

  10. Elisa, semoga dapat menyempurnakan ibadat haji dan mendapat haji mabrur. Selamat pergi dan selamat kembali. Ampun dan maaf sekiranya ada salah dan silap.

    YOu'll be fine. Insyaallah.


    May Allah make it easy for you, Insya Allah.

    Moga mendapat haji mabrur.

    Sayu sangat rasa.

    Hugs again

  12. salam dari saya, salam seorang penuh dosa
    salam hamba untuk puan dan suami tercinta
    salam hamba, salam mengutus doa
    semoga pemergiaan, selamat dan sempurna impian
    semoga ibadah mu di sana, di rahmati dan di terima sepenuhnya
    semoga dimakbulkan segala doa
    di terima haji - Mabrur - penghapus dosa2
    salam dari hamba - salam kudus dan tulus
    "Assalamualaikum warrahmatullah hi wabarakatuh"

  13. I am so impressed with your level of preparation for your hajj and it has certainly given me a heads up on what I should be preparing when the time comes for me to go in future. I pray for your good health in order to perform your Hajj smoothly and may Allah bless you.

  14. Dear Elisa, Selamat menunaikan ibadah Haji and semoga dikurniakan Haji yg Mabrur, InsyaAllah. Selamat Pergi dan Selamat Kembali.

  15. InsyaAllah dipermudahkan semuanya untuk U & Taufik.

    Doakan kita semua selalu diberi petunjuk dan hidayah ya.I was told they hv good islamic books there.

  16. InsyaAllah, dapat haji mabrur..
    mudah2an semuanya urusan lancar di sana dan untuk anak2.

    Hugsssssssss...*cium pipi kiri, cium pipi kanan*..doakan kami cepat sampai ke sana!

  17. selamat pergi dan pulang, semoga segala urusan di sana dipermudahkan, semoga diberi kesabaran yang tinggi and hati yang tenang.

    InsyaAllah mendapat haji yg mabrur!

  18. sayunya baca your posting..nevertheless, i'm happy for you both, semoga mendapat haji mabrur dan dipermudahkan oleh NYA.

  19. hope i am not too late! tu lah jarang get online.

    firstly, HUGSSSS bebanyak. selamat pergi and balik, semoga dilindungi Allah SWT, semoga mendapat haji yang mabrur dan dipermudahkan segala urusan.

  20. elisa..may Allah s.w.t make your hajj journey an indeed a great journey. May He protect your children from any harm in your absent..insya Allah. If I've ever offended you in anyway..mohon ampun dan maaf.

    and ouh yeahhh..this piahzadora disease is everywhere isn't it.. nahh..

    kisses n hugs..

  21. Elisa,
    Selamat Menunaikan Ibadah Haji. Insha Allah, you will experience humility and wonderment in this once in a life time event.

    (Bestnya dapat pergi haji sbb dok dekat sana. Tak payah tinggal anak2lama sangat. Kalau from Malaysia , kena dok sampai sebulan lebih kan... )

  22. Elisa,

    Inspired would be an understatement...I am moved by your preparations. I am starting mine now. (eventhough I have lots to do before I get there!) InsyaAllah you will be under Allah guidance throughout your journey.

    A silent reader no more!