Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hajj Moon

Which one is the moon?

This was taken on the rooftop of Masjidil Haram, Makkah, early morning (1:30am) of 14th DzulHijjah, after we completed our Tawaf Wida' (farewell tawaf).
My husband's bald head has grown a stubble by then (he shaved it on eid morning, 10th Dzulhijjah), but I think it was still shining as bright and is shaped as round as the moon. ha ha.
We didnt lug our SLR during this trip, so, excuse the picture quality.


  1. ..i actually wanted to sms u while u were in makkah and remind you about the moon, but i thought ish i can't be THAT selfish la kan... (for once, haha)

    but hey! i saw THIS entry first before reading your comment on mine!!!

    eiiiii mesti mesmerizing sangat having a fullmoon above the Holy Land and House of Allah! i certainly envy you two!


  2. MasyAAllah....SubhanAAllah....:-)

    welcome back to both Haji and Hajjah....


  3. Mabrook Hajah and Haji! Glad to hear that you have arrived home safely and had a wonderful experience! Thanks for sharing a snippet of the experience!

    Take care!

  4. Alhamdullillah you both are back.
    Very big hugs!

  5. Salam Sis Hajjah...'s so beautiful sis. I really miss the Holy Land. Alhamdulillah you ahve gotten back home safely. Alhamdulillah you have performed the Hajj. Insya'Allah, it is a mabrur one sis.

    Thank you for dropping a comment in my blog.
    I cried reading your comment. I can't thank you enough sis. Thank you Allah for giving me a friend like you. I pray always that Allah repays your kind deeds with Jannah, Elisa.

    *big hugggssss*

  6. ya balik kampung for 2 weeks sempena offer from SIngapore airline Sr1999 RUH-SIN

  7. Alhamdulillah.Glad to hear you both have performed the hajj.Jealousnya!

  8. ehh nampak taufik mcm arai pulak..welcome back Haji and Hajah Elisa :)

    nak dengar cete haji dari you...

  9. hahahaha... i didn't get it at first (lembab betul i) tapi lepas tu baru faham hehehe

  10. Salam sis elisa,

    Alhamdullillah dah selamat akak berdua. Saya pulak terasa some sort of envy... Teringinnye nak menunaikan ibadat haji dan umrah.
    But i must plan dan berusaha jugak kan? :D