Sunday, June 22, 2008


If you're wondering why I've been so quiet these past few days, it's because I've been a little bit busy.

not with playing sudoku or trying to beat CK's pathwords score or playing scrabble with my siblings (and sibling in law *wink*).
Come to think of it, "The Book of Face" as someone on manon's blog calls it, has been taking over my life a bit, and if i could remember who invited me to it, I would probably curse him or her. But actually it's kinda fun coz as i said, how else could I play scrabble with my family? I would invite my dad in too, but a parent's curse are potent, so I don't think I want to take that risk.

where was I?

oh yeah.

I have been busy transferring my old posts from efx2blogs to blogspot.

okay whine*slash*explanation coming up.

I dunno.
I love the people in efx2, but you know things are getting a bit weird in efx2 with keith being so quiet and spambots filling up my comment alerts and some of my favourite people moving away and stuff.
So yeah, I'm thinking of moving.
and I figured, even if I decide not to move, I'd have a backup and wont lose all my posts like i did when modblog went down *shudders*. All those memories.. down the drain *wipes a tear*.

So anyways.
That's what I've been doing.


  1. nak buat camne, dah benda free (it's free right ?) , guarantee nya tak di jamin le. my first blog entry was in blogspot. i did try others, like the ones that you hv le mod le efx-n le, but never got the hang of it and otak pun malahhhh nok belajo bende-benda. so i never moved away from blogspot. it's not that fancy but meet my needs. ok lah kut. tak canggih manggih.

  2. Sam B.4:40 AM

    kak elisa, check your yahoo mail. I've sent you a link to those dearly missed posts.

  3. Nusayba6:20 AM

    Macam deja vu kan? Heheh. Apa2 pun, I still have both your blogs subscribed to on my google reader.

  4. I wonder why it was like that.. I wonder whether blogspot ni tahan lama ke tak? hmmm...
    should I backup all my entries??

  5. I am not a Facebook fan but you can play Scrabble with me when you come back.

  6. Anonymous8:03 PM

    I basically live in FB nowadays ..pathetic huh!! Nurie

  7. ninuk - yeah, it's free.. i guess beggers can't be choosers :P

    Sam B - thankyou thankyou so much. I did not get to retrieve all, but some of my modblog posts. You can check my archives! :)

    nusayba - ye lah kan.. itu yang gelabah ni..

  8. neeza - tak leh nak kata lah.. but blogspot is supported by google, which is quite a big company so, you can feel safe a bit. I still do back-ups, just. in . case.

    Papa - I dont know if I would have the time to stay still that long, though ! ;)

    Nurie - so I've noticed... heheheh. Scrabble jom?

  9. same her sis elisa...

    i pon dah lama tak jenguk efx2blogs tu.. canner you backup ek? you copy satu2 ke or ada feature backup? pls advice :)

    confession.. but in efx2 i feel welcomed heheh and gang pon ramai..