Sunday, June 08, 2008

Sole Survivor

I've tried to nurture many many plants in the hostile saudi environment.
I have tried basil, rosemary, lavender, various flowering plants, japanese roses .. all of them died. Some due to lack of water when I went away for holidays. Some due to too much water when I got overzealous and thought I could counter the dryness with lots of water. Some due to the extreme heat outside. Some due to lack of sun (when I decided to bring them indoors to escape the heat). Boring tulll .. dah lah pokok kat sini mahal.(I am frustrated coz plants are expensive over here)
I know there are many books out there to tell me how to take care of plants in this extreme weather. I have read them in bookstores (read:I sneak-read them without buying), but none of the tips worked for my plants. (Perhaps I need to buy the books and read them properly instead of trying to remember as much as I can. tee hee.)
This is my only surviving plant :

That's the kalanchoe plant that went missing a few months ago.
I had been keeping it by the kitchen window before, but it has grown bigger so I moved it into a bigger pot and now it looks nice enough to be in my living room. I water it every other day and put it by the sliding door every morning to make sure it gets enough sun.

My kitchen window sill is decorated by a row of fake flowers in small pots (Daiso - QR/SR6 per pot). These are more my style. They don't need watering and can withstand the heat :)

Note: Taufik has been better at keeping his plants alive. He has a jasmine tree and a frangipani tree on our front porch. He also has these really hardy creepy leafy plants that could live out of just a bowl of water. They now sit on either side of my kitchen sink.


  1. just accept it dude. u dont have green fingers :p

  2. yeah, i know. That's why I married one that does!
    HA HA :D

  3. I love to have plants indoor.
    Unfortunately, I'm not that good in watering, taking care bla bla bla..
    senang cite, tak payah aje la kan.. hehehe..

  4. I pernah tanam serai dan pokok kunyit!
    Hidup you!
    Bila balik Msia 3weeks..
    Mati Semua

  5. did you talk to your plants? weird as it may sound - Works

    ohhhh trust me, i do speed reading too in Jarir that you might still see my fingerprints.

    ps: plant the seeds end of summer, say when you come back from your July leave. it will bloom well during winter. and live thru summer.

  6. nice pic (and plant!). make me want to grow kalanchoe too! tried growing african violets? they are great indoor plants.

    by the way... side question -> you used to work with Moto before right?