Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Too Many Ideas

My mom-in-law has this phrase "Banyak akai", which is actually "banyak akal", which literally means "too many ideas". It is often referred to a child who can't seem to sit still, which is exactly what Izani has become.

I am sure Ilham, Ihsan and Anis were as crafty as him, but perhaps I was not as aware of it because I didnt spend the whole day with them. Therefore, I was also spared the frustration of having to clean-up after them and closely monitor them to make sure they don't get into another mischief.
I can't leave Izani alone for even 5 minutes. I went to the toilet this morning and came out to discover he had ripped off the box cover of a borrowed CD. While I was downstairs cooking and his older siblings were engrossed in Hanna Montana, he had thrown all his hot wheels (and something else, we dont know what) into the toilet bowl and flushed it. Because the toilet got clogged, Taufik decided to throw away all of my kids' small toys (poor kids!). I give him a bowl of cereal to eat in front of the TV because he wanted to watch teletubbies and I go make my bed and the next thing I know, the whole living room is covered in cereal. The other day I had to use a tweezer to take a spring out of his nose!

Now Izani's current obsession is taking off his clothes and diapers.
HORROR you know !!!
It started with just him learning to take off his clothes. He'd be running around with only his diapers on and I'd be chasing him yelling "shame shame boy! shame shame boy!". It turned into a game. Then he started pulling the diapers down a bit so that his dickie would stick out. It was funny at first. But then he learnt how to rip open the tabs. He'd be sitting quietly and the next thing I know he'd be nekkid!
He'd still be watching TV, or doing whatever, but he'd be nekkid. The other day I had to wash the sofa coz he had an 'accident'. I will not go into details for fear no one would want to come to my house or invite me over.
This morning.
This morning was the last straw.
He had actually ripped open the seams for the diapers (don't ask me how! Coz the seams are like sewn or something! It boggles me!) and the gel stuff came spilling out.
Eyyyyew okayyyy?????
And do you know how difficult it is to clean up those gels thingies?? I cant wash it out, coz they absorb water. It's like filled with pee and yellow and all so I can't possibly touch it. It's like, really tiny and gets into carpet piles and sofa crevices.
*shudders and screams in disgust*
By hook or by crook, I had to clean them up. I used the small broom thingy and also a vacuum cleaner then sprayed disinfectant all over the place.

While I'm typing this up, I've gotten up and checked on him for, like, 10 times. Last I checked, he was fiddling with the red, white and yellow audio/video connectors on the TV. When he saw me coming, he dropped what he was doing and ran to the sofa and buried his face in the cushions.

Other mommies are making their house safe for their kid. I have to start thinking about keeping my house safe from my kid.

Pening bonda...

cheeky little devil!


  1. Cian Bonda.

    Tergelak sebab kelakar pun ade. Simpati sbb pernah alami pun ade hehehe. Tu yang dia buat di rumah. Dah buat masa keluar ke blum?

    I was paying for something the other day and a later came up to me and urgently said, "I think she is taking off her diapers." Maluuuuu. hehehhe

    Sat lagi Bonda dapat holiday skit kan? Don't pull too many hairs out Elisa :) Take care and have a good summer :)

  2. Izani doesnt take off his clothes in public places, he just takes off.
    Somehow your sweet Am doesnt strike me as the stripper type. ha ha ha.

    I cant wait to balik Malaysia and have a breather sikit, but before that, there's 3 weeks of HELL coz the kids are on holiday from school.
    That's fodder for tomorrow's post!

  3. Alamak, samalah kita. Anak I Muhammad pun tak boleh dok diam. Especially since dia gi nursery. Bila balik macam baru lepas dari kandang. Ada je aktiviti dia nak buat. Kalau kat luar dia jalan tak henti kita plak yang terpaksa ikut. Dia tak peduli. Kalau lepas pandang je boleh nak cross jalan yang tengah banyak kereta tu. Isy, kami letih betul. I nekad tak nak beranak lagi sebab dah tak larat nak kejar budak!

  4. I lupa nak tambah...part bukak diaper tu pun sama. Muhammad lagi la. Bila dah poop dia bukak. Pas tu cabut lari!Nak toilet train, belum boleh lagi sebab kena tunggu mak dia cuti panjang sket! Adui...

  5. Kak Lia - pelik kan, kita dok lari-lari kejar budak, tapi tak kurus2 pun, kan kan kan? (Eh or maybe it's just me? eheheheh)
    Hari-hari I kena kasi tahu Izani.. "poop kat mana?" and he would say "toy. let. " .. tapi tak kasi tahu pun.. :P
    School holiday end of august, boleh kowtim toilet train muhammad, kot?

  6. Sometimes Velcro is not a blessing.
    I used to have wires (hi-fi etc) all over the place. Izani would be in heaven.

  7. Ho boy.

    Reading this makes me takut to deliver..haha. I've just a few more days to go and somehow my husband and I have established from recurring dreams and how he responds to us in-utero that he'll be a cheeky little kid. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I both welcome and fear the experiments he might conduct growing up. Haha. God bless you for your patience, and hopefully I'll conduct myself as gracefully when it's my time.

    Amin :P

  8. Anonymous7:16 AM

    OMG, my son had been in this situation before - the taking off clothes and diaper and walking around naked...LOL! seb baik takde kek coklat dlm diaper tuh kalo tak...


  9. I was laughing reading your entry..
    I can imagine how exhausting you were running here and there to make sure he didn't do not the right thing..
    tapi, orang kata, budak nakal ni cerdik.. so, bare with it lah kot sementara dia kecil.. hehee
    *should tell myself that ;)

  10. Papa - I can imagine what fun he'll have behind your hi-fi, because I remember the fun I had when I was back there! :)

    Puan Bovril - Heh heh I'm sure I'll be hearing about Isa's antiques very very soon, what with all the chocolate you've been eating. BTW, when I was pregnant with my boys, I always always always craved for chocolate ice cream. The bitter, the better.
    Good Luck with the delivery!!
    btw, I may sound like I'm complaining now, but the fact that I took the time to write it down shows that I'm sure that I'll actually enjoy this memory later on :)
    I hope.

    KC - Yay ada geng!! I think it just goes to show that our kids are just normally curious :) We just need to keep a close eye on them

  11. Neeza - ya lor.. at least I know that his brain is not rotting from watching all that TV... kan?

  12. elisa, mak teh dah jaga sembilan orang. Ada yang macam tu ada baik sikit tapi kalau sekarang cerita pasal hal depa masa kecik buat perangai semua tak mau dengar, depa tak percaya ( depa malu lah ). Nasib baik setengah tu kita dak ambil gambar sebagai bukti. Hehehe!

    Enjoy your kids while they are still while you still can because when they grow up they won't be around with you most of the time.

  13. Anonymous4:00 PM

    My nephew was about 2 1/2 years old and he went on a "revenge" mode when my sister left him at home with the maid to do some chores. you know what he did? tunggu mak dia balik rumah, only in diapers, selok tangan dia kat bontot yang penuh taik cair, pastu celet kat dinding rumah...


  14. Anonymous7:59 AM


    anak no 4, joe.... mmg macam tu. the cheekiest and mischievous. dia lah yang paling nakal... dia lah yang slalu sakat orang... dialah yang paling pandai menjawap.

    from my experience yang tak seberapa ni... anak no 1 very obedient, cool and tak banyak kerenah. anak no 2 ada temper sikit suka melawan and banyak cakap. anak no 3 suka buat hal sendiri suka merajuk sebab selalu kena buli ngan the eldest and kena sakat ngan adik...

    tapi kata orang tua... baik nakal meraka semua anak kita. nakal2 mereka tu lah yang jadi penghiburnyer. paling best... as orang lelaki bila tengok anak2 buli mak nya.. HEHEHEHEEHHE!!!!

  15. mak teh - I think in the end it will be a good memory lah :) Maybe that's why I write it down.. hee hee

    anon # 1 - *horror*!!!!

    anon # 2 - *trying to figure out who this is*

  16. tengok muka dia cekmen innocent ke, tak da rupa pun ada bakat jadi stripper

    *na'udzubillaaaahi mindzaaaalik!!!*


    tolong gigitkan dia untuk cik lin, leh???

  17. hahaha... salam Elisa, teringat zaman anak i kecik2 dulu. I used to salotape the diaper around pinggang Luqman so that dia tak boleh bukak, make sure end nya di belakang. Pernah dia buang air besar belakang sofa atau tempat2 tersembunyi yang`susah2 nak basuh. Tapi masa tu, yang pening maid i la. Lucky, my two girls tak macam tu. Sabar le je ye...