Saturday, June 07, 2008

2 movies and 1 dramatic end

I caught The Prestige on the movie channel a few days ago.
I had seen promos for this movie and was intrigued by the story of rivalry between two magicians (plus the fact that it had Hugh Jackman *and* Christian Bale *and* Michael Caine). It was indeed a story about rivalry between two magicians, but it was also something more. From the get go, this movie was intriguing, and it stayed intruiging to the very last second.
Apart from The Usual Suspects, not many movies could keep me engaged and make me go Wow in the end like this movie did. I spent the next two days going over each scene in my mind, picking up clues in hindsight.
I have to warn you though, that the movie's time-line is a little askewed, coz there were many flashbacks within a flashbacks. Just get that straight and you'll have no problem.
I was also surprised to find out that one of the characters was David Bowie ;)
I would definitely recommend this movie.

I also saw Becoming Jane, which made me cry a bit. Such a lovely story. Made me feel how lucky I am to be able to end up with a person I truly love.

In other news, I have had a dramatic but successful end for my efforts on weaning Izani! Yay!! Read about it on the bonda blab blog - Wean or Lose?.


  1. I agree with you...I did like this movie though I liked The Usual Suspect more (Kevin Spacey was so good in that movie). Another good movie with similar plot/twist/genre is "Momento". Try to watch it if you can & let me know what you think.

  2. oh yeah Memento. I had a slight headache watching that movie. But yeah, that one was extremely interesting too.

  3. Yes, we might be on the same satellite coz i FINALLY caught The Prestige too. and yes I rave about it, then again Ive always like Hugh Jackman as a person (I met him countless times) and an actor.

    I shed for Mighty Heart..Ive read Marianne's book before I watch her and she strong.

  4. Maizan3:10 AM

    I went to watch this one in the cinema coz I'm always a fan of Hugh Jackman. Agreed with you that the movie is intriguing and the plot sticks with me for quite a while. Now I'm also watching Batman begins and soon the Dark Night for the costar pulak.. :)