Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Good Morning Starshine ...

... the world says "Hello!"

Today i got news via the chatbox in one of my scrabulous games that I am an aunt, again!!
My sister who does not blog (TDB) just gave birth to a healthy 3kg baby girl at 8.19am (malaysian time, 3:19am saudi time).
My latest niece's name is Sharifah Nabiha.
She shares the same birthdate with her eldest brother Arif, yay! (Less birthdates for me to remember).
So my parents now have 13 grandchildren, out of which 8 are boys and 5 are girls. Number 14 is coming end of July Insya-Allah, expected to be another boy. Masya-Allah, Alhamdulillah!

From our phone conversation, I also learned that my sister has opted for vss (Voluntary Severance Scheme)(Read: she quit her job), so we are concocting a business plan, for when I come back for good, which is dont know when. heh heh so much for a plan.

That's the news for today :)



    I've also learned that my brother is baking another cake in the oven - insya Allah due this dec. Another brother's cake is due this june.

    Campur dua tu insya-Allah jadi 11 lah cucu my parents. :) Now, I become a bystander tengok orang beranak :p sendiri dah pencen.

    wah, a bisnes plan! Eh, kalau tak silap dulu mokciknab plan nak bukak restoran nasi dagang or something kan?

    whatever your planning are, I pray mudah2an will kick off soon.

    take care!

  2. mokciknab's plan to bukak kedai makang tranung was shelved sebab dia kena pindah jakarta.
    I'm trying to look for something that wont take up too much of my time and is not too time constrained (tak ada strict due date). Kalau camtu senang sikit kalau nak go off on holiday ke apa ke..
    dah ada a few ideas nih.. heh heh
    *pikir lagi*

  3. Elisa, my parents now have 19 grandchildren (10 girls, 9 boys) with the eldest is 19 years old college boy, son of my 40 years old sister...hemmm amacam?

    Wani, takkan dah pencen kot..?;)Elisa, sangkut ker satu sementara kat sana lagi tu...hehehe

  4. You can see Nabiha's pic on my blog. Mother and daughter are doing well. Alhamdullillah.

  5. Congrats! seronoknya Elisa dapat good news lepas balik dari Doha ye..

    nak business apa tu??

  6. Sunflora - Thanx! :) (As if I pulak yang beranak.. hee hee)

    Nad - adoiiii I think 4 is enough.. :) Currently I'm the most cucu contributor in my family . I'll wait for others to catch up.

    Papa - Thanx!! She's precious!

    Neeza - tak tahu lagi nak business apa.. dok tengoh pikir lagi nih.

  7. Tahniah la lisa..
    I tumpang gembira....