Monday, April 28, 2008

Izani's one week trip Doha

If you've read Lollies' blog, you'd know by now that I was in Doha for the whole of last week.
Taufik had a 5-day training at the Doha Marriot. The older kids didnt want to tag along coz they didn't want to miss any more school (they had missed 7 days when we went to Cairo, and it was just a week since Spring Break was over). I know, it is shocking that my kids actually chose to go to school!
I think they were relieved to get a little break from us the parents as well. They got to stay at a friend's house in Ar@mco for a whole week. They didnt have to do any chores (the friend has a maid), they could play with the computer all they want (the house has 2 computers), they dont have to walk to the bus stop (the bus comes right in front of the house) and they got to ride on the huge, better conditioned Ar@mco bus (our school bus is a rundown old mini bus).
So even though I felt bad about leaving them for a whole week, I didnt feel that bad coz it was like a vacation for them as well.
So we just brought Izani with us .

Here's a pictorial record of what Izani did during this trip:

hover over picture for notes

I am so grateful that women can drive in Qatar, and that Lollies actually made the effort to spend her free time with me and drive me around to all sorts of shops. She brought me to all the discount stores in Qatar (I never want to pay full price again!), and to the best and cheapest mamak restaurant in Doha, maybe even the world (8 pieces of roti canai with dhal and mutton keema, one nasi lemak, 3 mugs of teh tarik for QR11!! weh.. kat malaysia pun tak dapat tau!). I am also thankful that she puts up with Izani's smelly farts and poop, something which he had a lot of.

We also went to a few pretty places where Taufik could practice his photography skills. She even let us borrow one of her tripods to hold our camera steady for some night shots.

Check out Lollies' new look!

More and clearer pictures in my Doha set on Flickr.

Thanx Lollies and family for such great hospitality!


  1. wow! lollies really becomes pink lollypop!!! Is that for good, if yes then Alhamdulillaaaaahhhh! Congratulation!

  2. Wowiee that sounds like a cool holiday!

  3. Cool! Wish we have such a holiday too. The photos are really good even background lighting seems very sharp.

  4. Anonymous4:13 AM

    salam..same like onde2 ..alhamdulillah from me too..
    as if i know lollies.. blog hop aje lahh.. own blog still x ada..


  5. lollies ke tu ? ... comelnye ... ingat kan anak dara dia. wahhh bestnya bercuti-cuti.