Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Izani is 2!

On the occasion of Izani's 2nd Birthday today, I present to you:

Izanish Dictionary - Special 2nd Year Edition

ayah n dad
abahn n "abang" , big brother usually followed by sun or yum
anish n Anis, his big sister, usually preceded by kakaq
appo n hippopotumus
ahs v "ask", used to ask for milk.
awan v "I want", his polite way of asking for something also see nawan
baa n bye
bubba n baby
bubbye n bye bye :)
bus n bus
but n derrier, backside
bunder n "bonda", mom (me)
cane n crane
car n car, often said with gusto
cat n cat
chee-qun n chicken.
chocot n chocolate
cooties n cookies
digger n excavator, bulldozer, diggers. Accompanied with a hand digging action.
drint v, n drink
feet n feet
fits n "fix", used when something is broken
fish n fish
go v go
hen n hand
iron n lion (he can't pronounce 'L' that well)
kakaq n "kakak", big sister, usually followed by anish
kengkoo n "Thank You"
koo-wah n "kuah", gravy for his rice
mah-dee n "mandi", take a bath, usually said as an order to his elder brothers and sister. e.g. "mah-dee!"
mama n mom, used when he wants something especially his milk. also see bunder
me n me, usually accompanied with one hand help up
mun adj "mine"
moose v move
nawan v "I want" said repeatedly. Used when he really really wants something. also see awan
nas n "snap", as in Crocodile
noe n no
noes n nose
nowan v "I dont want", often confused with nawan
oh n an exclamation of realization, sometimes followed by otay
otay adj okay
ought adj hot, often repeated 3 times, as in "hot hot hot!"
ouchy n .. is an ouchy, any kind of pain, felt or inflicted.
peas n please, as in "bunder awan wotar, peas?"
pie-duh n spider
shoos n "shoes", anything he wants put on his feet, including other people's shoes.
soo-shoo n "susu", milk, said with a lilt in the last syllabul.
seep n sleep
sun n "Ihsan" , usually preceded by abahn
trut n truck
tie-*roar* n tiger
uh-gain v "again", as in repeat, either sing, or dance, or read.
wotar n "water"
yum n "ilham", usually preceded by abahn

He can also string words into a sentence now. See if you can have a go at translating these sentences:

1. "bunder, awan cooties"
2. "kakaq anish! moose! moose!"
3. "abahn yum, abahn sun,.... mah-dee!"
4. "uh-gain uh-gain, pie-duh"

Alhamdulillah, Izani has enough books and toys to last him till the next year, but he would like to see other kids have the same joys of reading as him. So, he would really be happy if you could help his favourite clown, Dr.Bubbles, set up a library for an orphanage in Machang.
Come let's help Izani help Dr.Bubbles spread some love around!


  1. Happy 2nd Birthday to cutie little Izani... hehe.. quite a number of words he could utter.. smart boy..

    1. Bonda, I want cookies,
    2. Kakak Anis, move move
    3. Abang Ilham, abang Ihsan, mandi
    4. Again again spider

    Hahahaha!!! I can be a mommy to Izani comel.. heheh..

  2. Neeza,
    Congratulations!! You are now an official Izanish translator!!

  3. Happy Bday Izani..may family and books stay the pinnacle of your love.

    Nasib baik takde infamous ID vocab of "Hashi Baba" macam Abahn Harris at 2..


  4. happy birthday izani,

    peas be good bubba to bunder otay?

    and bunder of izani,
    dah balik Malaysia oh not? I thought u were? have been SO out of touch!

  5. I have updated the Datemate of my recently revived PDA, the only place where record of cucus birthday can be found.
    Hug Izani for me. I must say that I can understand him better than Anis when she was at his age. heheh. Now Anis speaks eloquently.

  6. Happy birthday Izani!

    May Allah bless you and your family for thinking about others on the very important day of your life.

  7. Came here a few times and your link got lost again. I was just like neeza translating them.. so cute..Happy belated birthday to Izani.