Friday, April 18, 2008


Tried making Deceptively Delicious' Chocolate Chip Cookies (with chickpeas) today.

oh man, they were so yummy.
I think I could've told my kids I had put worms in them and they would still eat them.
Izani kept chanting "cooties!! cooties!!", while munching on his. When he had finished, he'd come to me and say "cooties?"
The other kids would swarm and ask for another one too.

I had to make another batch for the spring fair.


  1. alamak.. sedapnya! tapi takde resepi ke Elisa? nak gak try buat.. kalau senang la.. kalau susah, errr... lambat lah sikit nak try. Maklumlah neeza ni reti buat yang senang2 aje... walaupun kadang yang senang pun banyak yang tak jadi... :(

  2. Waaa...tengokpun nampak really delicious. Macam terbau-bau yang macam bila lalu kat kedai Famous Amos. Ni bukan setakat anak i je berebut nak, ibunya pun terliur sekali. Bak la resepinyer... Konon2nak try..hehehe...

  3. endamd2:58 PM

    salam elisa,
    hi. i really enjoyed your blog. even add it into my fovourite list. your life seems so sweet n wonderful. tabik spring!! i think u're such a wonderful mom. u made cooking sounds so easy n enjoyable, and a fruitful effort to ur family.

  4. salam elisa,
    sorry bebanyak tak reply to sms. i received them at odd hours, mungkin connection kot! btw, thank u so much for having us that afternoon, macam pelarian intead of holidaymakers.. haha.. we )nded up at half moon beach holiday inn resort, its not bad, after that gi main desert scooter, seronok mak nyer! oh, and i think ill go get this book lah... the cooties sure look good! (ur photography is good too!=

  5. eh masa mula i tengok the Deceptively Delicious book coverage on Oprah, i teringat ke you sebab i tahu you rajin masak melayan anak-anak.

    rupanya, dia memang dah beli buku tu...! terror ah, i. hehe

    i ingat nak beli buku tu... tapi kalau takat nak melayan Labu Labi makan, malas akewww.

  6. kak elisa,
    i bought deceptively delicious some time ago after watching oprah but i have yet to try out the recipes... since u've tried the recipe, then, tak leh jadi ni... i kena cuba gak... hehehe