Sunday, April 22, 2007


Takde mood to write lah today.
Lotsa lotsa things swimming in my head.
and izani poo-ed for the 3rd time today. I think he has too much fibre (from the rusks, no doubt!)

sick of watching the VT shooter's face on TV. Think they should've just done a proper background check before selling him a gun.
Then got sick again watching a documentary on internet predators. I think they shoud also do background checks before giving out internet access. boleh tak?

thinking of writing a children's book.
tapi don't know where to start. How to pitch to publisher? Do i write it first then send it out, or what? (Any tips, Les?)

a lot of people are requesting for a recipe book.
hello? biar betul korang nih.

izani sometimes shakes his head.
I don't know whether he's doing it for fun or if it's something he can't control (turrets?). He grins everytime he does it. And he only does it when he knows I'm watching. Mintak2 jauhkan lah ya..

parmesan rusks tastes really good with bolognaise sauce.

i want to buy white dishes!!!! i hate my chipped gold-edged dishes.
well hate is a strong word.
i just wish they're not chipped.

my kids' room are never ever not messy.

i like living here.
I want to write why, but I'm afraid of coming off as preachy and boastful and showing off and ... bleagh.
so there is the post, sitting there in my drafts, half-finished.
till i get the courage to finish it.

I think i put too much thought into blogging.

i want to write fiction again.

hey maybe that's what i should do.
I've been wanting to write about involuntary pee-ing.

tomorrow then. see how my mood is lah.

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