Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Black day in Bl@cksburg

From MSNBC: Worst U.S. shooting ever kills 33 on Va. campus

When I went to UIUC, the worst thing that I thought would happen to me would be I'd oversleep and miss a class.
Or fail a paper. Or forgot to do my homework. Or not have enough money for lunch.
The ugliest thing I saw was a blond girl driving the porcelain bus, squatting on the floor of the toilet, puking into the bowl, because she had had too much to drink.
The most violent thing I saw was someone hitting a squirrel at the Quad, perhaps coz it had run away with his sandwich.
The scariest moment in my life there was when a boy came into my room (drunk) and threatened to sit on my Quran.
Never ever did I fear that I would get hurt. Never did I fear I would get shot.

Something is terribly wrong.
People get angry all the time, but to be able to express that anger in such a violent degree, something is wrong somewhere.
It is becoming waaay too easy to kill someone these days.

My heart goes out to the families of the victims.


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