Monday, April 23, 2007

small but

Anis borrowed a book called "The Halloween Play" by Felicia somebody.
I read the book aloud to her after dinner.
It's about Roger and his classmates of mice putting up a play for halloween.
They had been practicing everyday for days, had made and sent out invitations to parents, and now came the day of the performence.

Me: "the auditorium was packed"
Me: "when the curtain came up, sixteen mice came dancing on stage"
Anis: I want to count! one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.. Hey there's only seven!
Me: the illustrator proly got tired of drawing mice.. tee hee
Me: "Roger stood back stage. He had a small but important role"
Anis: Where? Where is his small butt?
Me: What small butt?
Anis: Roger's small butt
Me: "He had a small, [pause] but important [pause] role" That means, even though his part in the play is small, it was also important.
Anis: coz he's the pumpkin!!
Me: hey, how did you know??? *flips through the pages to the page where Roger's part is revealed*
Anis: See. He's a pumpkin.
Anis: with a small butt. (coz the pumpkin was so big on Roger's head)

The book was really cute.

This reminds me:
Do your kids crack up during Shrek 2 when Donkey sang 'tomorrow' but never got to finish it before passing out, so all he sang was
"The sun's gonna come up, tomorrow, betchyour bottom.." ?

My kids would crack up and say "betchyour bottom" all day long.

*pun is not intentional.

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