Thursday, April 19, 2007

B@hrain F1 GP 2007

Forgive me if I was too excited about getting to go to the B@hrain GP.
Every year, even when we were in Malaysia, Taufik had gotten tickets because he has to bring clients to the event.
Prior to this, I had never wanted to go, because Sepang was hot and crowded and the traffic jam is awful, and I'd rather be sitting in the comforts of my living room in shorts and t-shirt. Last year, however, fearing that I'd never catch Schumy in action again, was the first time I felt the desire to go. Unfortunately, I was 8+ months pregnant with Izani (or did I just give birth, then? I can't remember).
When Taufik asked me whether I'd be interested this year, of course I said yes. Kimi + ferrari = WOO HOOOOOO!!
It was also a bonus that it happened to be Izani's Birthday. It's be sorta a birthday present for both him and me. For me: because I had managed to take care of him on my own (almost lah) for one whole year!
Since the kids had school, they couldnt go, so I had asked a good neighbour who really likes my kids and whose son is real good friends with Ihsan whether she'd take them in for 3 hours or so.

All set, we left for Bahrin at 11am. We arrived at the circuit by 12:30pm but we stopped for lunch at Fuddruckers first. We met up with Taufik's colleagues there and when it was closer to 2pm we headed to the circuit.
Traffic into the circuit was bad because they diverted roads for god knows what reason and people's confusion of where to go made it worse. We finally got to our parking lot which was almost full so we had to walk quite far to our stand.
The weather was nice. It was sunny, but not scorching. There were strong gusts of wind and it felt slightly cool, not hot. We didnt even sweat.

Okay, so here's where the drama started to unfold.
Taufik didnt bring Izani's stroller, so he had to carry Izani in his arms all the way from the car to the stands. He handed the ticket to me for me to hold. I put it into my small 'purse'. It 's just a tiny sling purse, enough to hold a credit card, a picture ID, a copy of our iqama (residence permit), a pair of socks and sleeve-sock thingy (for solat) and my phone. The tickets were kinda big, so it stuck out.
You know what's coming, don't you?
So we were walking across the car park towards the stands and as we got closer and closer to the entrance, I was going "omygod omy god i can't believe I am really going to get to do this" in my head. Then, I looked at my purse and gasped.
"where are the tickets? Did you take it from me, taufik?"
Taufik had this look on his face that spelled death for me.
Before he could say anything, I had turned around to look for the ticket.
I retraced my steps, going "omygod omy god i can't believe I lost the ticket what a stupid idiot why did i put it in my purse i should've shoved it down my bra or something" in my head.
I looked e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. but no sign of it. in between cars, under cars, even at places where I hadn't walked through. A guy in a moped rode by, he worked for the ciscuit so I stopped him and told him "I had lost my ticket, can you help me look?". he just pursed his lip and shrugged, meaning "what can I do?" and I said "just ride around and see if you can find it. please" and he just said "I will tell my friends". and prolly laugh about it saying a stupid idiot lady lost her tickets. at the entrance. stupid idiot lady.
So I walked back to where Taufik was with Izani and asked him whether he found it and he started to ask me how I lost the ticket and all I could say was I was so so so sorry I want to kill myself.
He gave me Izani and went off to try to find the tickets himself.
I stood there, watching him go where I had gone, feeling so bad. and kicking myself (on the head, in my head). perhaps I was too excited that I got borderline boastful and this is my punishment? How in the world could I lose the ticket? and so close? I thought maybe my hand accidently knocked it out of my purse or something. I kicked the dirt as I saw a mcDonald's McChicken wrapper being blown by the wind towards the right of the lot.
wrapper. blown. wind. right of the lot.
I ran towards the right of the parking lot and saw the ditch that lined it. I walked along the ditch, saying please please please, this time to Izani. i walked pass several cars, I don't know how many, almost falling into the ditch at times. A lot of mcDonald's wrappers. some soda cans. empty doritos packets. a long rectangle white thing.
Please please please, I said louder as I walked into the ditch as carefully as I can so that Izani and I don't fall on our heads. I picked the thing up.
It. was. our. tickets!
Alhamdulillah! masyaAllah! Subhanallah! YAY!!!
I called Taufik up and told him the news and he came back to me.
As we walk quickly towards the entrance of the circuit (we had missed the airshow by then), the tickets firmly in my hand (i gripped it so hard it was a little crumpled by the time we reached the gate), I asked Taufik if he would ever bring me again if I had lost the tickets. he just laughed and said "Nak buat macamana?" (What can we do?). He didnt really answer my question.

Anyways, back to the race:
We were seated on the bleachers at Turn 1, which I think, are the best seats to be in, because you get to see the mad scramble to overtake at the start, and you get to witness the excitement of waiting to see who gets to overtake who when cars come out of the pit lane.
I found the engine noise ('The Buzz' as The Elusive Mr. R had pointed out) to be bearable at first, but after a while I found it to be quite annoying.

The little durian shaped f1 fan

We put on earplugs for Izani, and covered it again with his pointy hat, but I thnk he could still hear the noise a bit, because towards the end he tried to fall asleep but keep waking up every time cars pass by.

Even though there was a point in the race when I felt the urge to take a nap (like I always do when I watched it at home on my sofa), I found watching the race live to be quite exciting and fun. When I'm at home I would be the only one who would be jumping out of my seat and punching the air and screaming YES YES YES when a particularly good overtaking maneuver happens, at the stands, the whole lot of us would be applauding and going "yeahhh!!!" and cheering the drivers on. I guess it's the same as watching any organized sport, the crowd feeds on each other's adrenaline and makes the event more exciting.

I was so dissapointed with Kimi's performence in this race. I thought he had a lot of opportunities to overtake Hamilton but either his car or himself wasn't up to it or something. Hamilton, on the other hand, I am VERY impressed with.
I'm sorry Alonso fans, I cheered so loud when Heidfeld overtook him. heh heh.
Padan Muka.

okay, so that's the story, balamory.

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