Sunday, April 29, 2007

overwhelmed overall

Today was kinda weird and overwhelming.

Taufik had to leave for work at 5:30am, so I was left to wake up the kids for school. Somehow they knew they couldnt fool around with me coz they were all downstairs having breakfast by 6:45. I even had time to french braid Anis' hair. We hung out in the living room playing with Izani while we wait for 7:15, when they have to go to the bus.
After they left for the bus, I did some housecleaning, then checked the blogs.
That's when it all started.
First it was pizzo.
As you've read in my previous post, he's been down in the dumps lately. I was getting worried reading his posts these past few days. This morning's was like a huge bomb. I mean, prior to this, he seldom reveals anything personal about himself. He always seemed whacky and out there. It was quite shocking to read about what he's currently going through. He seemed like that guy being swallowed by the city. I mean , i understand how easy it is to feel marginalized in a huge city like KL. So my first mission for the day was to cheer this guy up. I wish I could do more to make him feel less alone. Do go and give him your support.

Then I smelled Izani and decided to give him a bath. He didnt want to get out of the tub , so I let him play around in it (empty of course) for a bit. I went to read the rest of my alerts and I got to Lollies'.
Dayum. that was another bomb. And it wasnt even 9 yet.
If you haven't heard, her younger brother passed away. You don't hear her talk much about her brother, but that does not mean that she didnt love him. I consider her as family now, so hearing that news was like hearing that one of my relatives had passed away and that my sister needed some comfort. So after I dried Izani up and got him dressed and smelling like a baby should, I gave her a call. The moment she answered the phone, I cried. Gawd I am so bad at comforting people. That's why I prefer sending my condolences via text messages. Coz I know I would be bawling. Even when the folks at MSRI invited me to go see Dr. Alijah when she was sick, I declined, coz I know I wouldnt be able to stand it. We didnt talk long. I think she couldnt stand hearing me cry.

What was so weird for me is that today is my nephew Arif's birthday. So I had to call my sister up and wish the boy happy birthday. So even though I was a bit mellowed by the above, I had to put on a cheery tone when I spoke to my family. Hearing their voices did lift my spirits up a bit though. I had arranged for them to get these really cute cupcakes (hopefully rotidua will post pictures) and they seem to really like it.

Then I replied some emails and dished out some financial advice (based on my own experience coz I'm really not a qualified financial advisor). Then the kids came home and I had to deal with their homework, feed them lunch, listen to their civil disputes and their 'what I did at the playground today' stories. Then I tried to play a bit of linerider to cheer myself up more. It kinda worked.

By the afternoon I was so emotionally drained that I craved for cake.
So I made cake. from scratch.
Now that's a first.

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