Friday, February 18, 2005


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Surprise #1

I went to LHDN (the Malaysian IRS) today to settle our taxes and met the lady officer Taufik had been dealing with all this while. She commented that my name sounded familiar like that journalist. I managed to not roll my eyes and said yeah, she's my sister. She gave a suprising smile and asked whether we were really from Trengganu and I said sure and she said she was from Trengganu too.
Apa lagi .. tubik slang lah...!
So there we were, talking in the Trengganu dialect like two old friends.. hee hee..
So my tax is settled. ;)

Surprise #2

I opened my e-mailbox today and got a pleasant suprise. Somebody wrote to me to tell me that in 2001, he had blogged about an article I wrote in 1996.
I was, like, dayum!.
Someone, besides the late Suhai and the elusive Mr. Rizwal, actually kept a clipping of something I wrote? And 5 years later, actually blogged about it?
I am so flattered.

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