Monday, February 21, 2005

more woah

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woah ...
I was really suprised by this.
When my sis in law sms-ed me last night to ask me whether I knew Hansac had written about me.. I was like, "Oh no.. what dirt did he dish out??" (I may have been a nerd, but I wasn't really an angel, you know..). But then as he said, I am "amazonianly combative" so.. yeah, I was about ready to bring out my guns (He wasn't really a saint either) heh heh.. but I didnt have to. I thought what he wrote was quite nice.
So I am very pleasantly suprised :)

I was asked about the article I mentioned in the previous post. I thought a lot about whether to reveal it. Coz it is kinda embarassing.. and it does touch on some events that might hurt a particular person who I know reads this blog.
But then, I figured.. we are all adults, right? I think we're mature enough. And the article is about me, how I had felt, how things had affected me and how I react to things. And it was such an old article. I have grown and changed since then.
anyways, so if you're still interested, here it is.

Comment, don't comment.. whatever.

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