Thursday, February 17, 2005

Miss Identity, Miss Haps and Miss Kiss

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Thanks to modern technology, my mother became an Indian Man

I accompanied my mom to the immigration office today. She wanted to renew her passport. She had one of those new passports with the 'smart' chip embeded in them.
I saw the immigration officer put her passport in this contraption that reads the chip and saw an Indian man's face appear on the screen.
The officer took a look at my mom as if to verify the resemblance.
"Hm.. You don't look like a Siva Raman" he said.
Then he conferred with the officer beside him, who asked him to re-enter my mom's data manually.
I told my mom, who couldnt see the screen, that they had turned her into an Indian man.
After a few click-clacks on the keyboard, the officer took my mom's thumbprints, then he asked us to wait to be called to the cashier.
While waiting, my mom and I tried to speculate about what might have happened.
"Did someone steal my identity?? Or forged my passport or something?" She said.
"I don't know ma. When was the last time you travelled?"
"A few months ago when I went to Sarawak"
"And they didnt notice you weren't an Indian man?"
"Well, I got through with no problem"
"Maybe they didnt even check"
Hm... and they wonder why we have problems with illegal immigrants..

I broke my hose!!

Yes my hose, not my nose. And not the one you put on your legs to cover the pockmarks either. The garden variety.
I was changing the the water for my goldfish's bowl. well, it's not really a bowl. It's more like a huge earthen pot. But if I said "my goldfish's pot", you'd think I have a marijuana puffer.
When I had finished, I had wanted to water the plants next (all legal, I did my weeding yesterday, remember?)
okay enuf with the puns. They weren't any good anyways
Anyways, I wanted to water the plants when the spray nozzel broke. I tried to fix it, but the erm what I call the 'male' part of the nozzle which you connect to the hose via insertion was the part that broke and was stuck inside the hose. I tried to get it out but I'm not very handy with tools (It's amazing how I managed to get my degree in Mechanical Engineering).
So I had to water my plants by creating a spray with my thumbs. At least some of that Fluid Mechanics and common sense they teach me in school were put to good use.
yay me.
Now I think I have to buy a new nozzle and cut the stuck bit off my existing hose or buy and install a totally new reel of hose. I just hope I wont have to pay through the nose for them.

Today the music died...

... in my car.
On the way home from the immigration office with my mom, a car that initially looked like it was parked by the side of the road decided to make a U-Turn while I was about 100meters away from him, stupid idjits.
I braked as hard as I could. I heard the car screech and Eddie Vedder's voice go silent. My engine stalled and when I had it going again, Pearl Jam's Live in Benaroya Hall was never to be heard of again. I tried the radio, the cassette player. Nothing. Nothing -ing works anymore. I can't even get the CD changer to eject (hint hint to those of you who have been asking to borrow my CD).
And now I think I'm starting to hallucinate coz I miss my radio so much. I am starting to get radio transmissions in my head or something coz I heard DJ's talking and fuzzy music playing while I was driving to Clicker's.

Boy refuses Mom's kiss

The day has finally come, when Ilham asks me not to kiss him anymore.
"But Why????" I whined. "Don't you love me anymore???" I pouted.
"I cook for you. I wash your clothes. I sew up your torn parnts. I let you watch TV. I make you ribena lollies.
You don't hug me anymore, You don't tell me you love me, and now you won't even kiss me?"
"I love you, Bonda" he tried to make amends.
"but why????"
"My friends.. they laugh at me"
"Okay then , lets kiss where they can't see you. Lets kiss before we go out of the house" I offered.
"Okay then" he bravely said, but I saw him wipe his mouth with the back of his hand after the kiss.
First I have to stop stalking, and now this???

That's all folks

p/s I love Foster's House for Imaginary Friends :)

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