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Outback Jack

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Have you watched 'Outback Jack'?
They showed the first episode last Thursday. It's like a cross between The Bachelor, A Simple Life and Survivor.
You have an eligible bachelor (Jack, who lives in the outbacks of Oz) and 12 ladies who is vying for his attention and marriage proposal. These ladies are pampered princesses from cities thruout the US of A and they complain about bugs, shriek at the sight of lizards and such. And the courtship is going on the the wilderness of Australia, where they have to survive in for the next few weeks. So far they've got ample food and there are no reward or immunity challenges yet.. so maybe it's not so much like Survivor.
I thought I would get sick watching it, just like I did when I watched The Bachelor and For Love Or Money, but I was quite suprised when I found myself actually rooting for some of the girls and pfft-ing some others. Yup, I enjoyed the show.
Is it just me, or do other people like laughing at girls making fools of themselves? One of them even sang to the guy!! I was laughing my head off.
Jack looks like a really sweet guy (he helped carry half of the ladies' bags) and he looks like he really knows what he was doing (as in surviving in the wilderness) but I can't imagine how he got roped into making this show. I mean he looked level headed and down to earth enough.. perhaps his other head got the better of him when the producer said "you're gonna have 12 skimpy sheilas fawn over you in the woild".
I really hope Jack finds the love of his life through this show.. or at the very least perhaps even change some of the ladies' attitude towards nature or something.
One thing I know, I'm gonna watching the next episode.

p/s riza, thanx for the offer, but I won't even go to my dad's house...
Don't worry folks. Taufik got things covered..

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