Monday, July 07, 2008

kitchen window

A few weeks ago I told myself I would try to take at least one photo a day to sharpen my picture-taking skills.
So far I've only managed to take one picture a week, more like it.

Anyways, here's my kitchen window, from the outside and inside.

Those flowers are fake,
but their color provide enough cheer for me while I'm cutting up chicken or draining pasta or washing the dishes.
Worth the 9 times SR6 (SR54) that I paid for, and I don't even have to stress or worry about them dying on me when I go on my vacation (or forget to water). The only care they need is a little rinsing now and again to wash off the sand/dust, especially after a sandstorm.
It also makes my kitchen window unique when you look for it from the street :)


  1. my mom used to put tulips at her flower bed ..hehehe.... cam best jer

  2. the flowers are great and pretty..
    but, your picture taking skills has even improved tremendously!!
    congrats!! nampak sharp betul gambar tu..

  3. very good photos! wah ko pun pandai gak rupanya haha

  4. Huhu,, I want DSLR.. I want that fake flowers.. I want my kitchen looks like yours... huhuh.. so pretty...

    BTW me cannot access my EFX2 at all... I decide to stay with by blogspot for good la.. tired already... so see you here la at blogspot..

  5. huhuhu efx2 tak jalan...

    cantik gambar. tapi one question, apasal you buat the object of the photo (the flowers, i assume) to be the framing objects? (in the first photo).

  6. so, it is not just me then who can't access efx2.. I ingat dia dah ban I sbb lama tak buat posting.. kah kah kah

  7. i sukalah fake flowers u nih...buleh ker bawak balik ker malaysia dlm cargo bila2 nantoi?? kakakakakakak me and my spending and buying thingimajing kan...

    the picchas rwaks btw.

  8. shaz - heh heh.. asalkan dia bahagia.. :)

    neeza - eh ye ke? terimakasih *tersipu sipu*

    chedd - eh taklah, you lagi terrer!!

    nad - dalam gambar tu tak ada pun ghopa my kitchen.. camner lak you nak tau my kitchen pretty or not?

    mosh - entah ler.. I dengar kalau nak gambar nampak 'artisitic', put make your object fill one third or two thirds of the picture. Gitulah lebih kurang :)
    Tapi cantik ke tak? eheheh

    shaz - I baru aje habis transfer my posts nih.

    Elin - astaghfirullah hal azim... cuba you carik katt SSF ke, Mydin ke.. mesti ada lebih kurang.. :)

  9. VERRRRY NICE!! the flowers and the picture-taking angle :) i like!

    i am trying to cuba-try-test taking different pictures too. tapi kat rumah ni tak byk subject yang gempak-gempak. heh heh. boring je. must plan an outing soon hee hee.

  10. eh kak lisa,

    patutla I click my link and cannot find you I went to Pok Ku's site and got your new web address..phew....
    Anyway, nice la your window sill and the flowers look real, must be your photo skills.chewah..anway, glad that you're at blog spot now..senang sket.heheh..take care.

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