Tuesday, July 08, 2008

2006 is done!

I have successfully transferred posts from 2006 over from efx2 to blogspot.
It all had to be done one by one! Itupun I did not even bother to update the links, so if you find broken links, I'm sorry.
And nad a.k.a mamarawks, sorry for the confusion, the post you commented on was one fo the old posts I transferred but forgot to change the date :P

I have go cook some giblets (pedal ayam) now.
Tomorrow: Posts from 2007!

Why in the world did I write so much???

p/s you might find some interesting culinary posts there. I guess I should start displaying my categories, eh?


  1. ic ic.... patut pon point to old efx domain ker ker ker...

    btw you lucky boleh access to efx2... me totally cannot access... :(

  2. if you can log in, just go to
    and you can see your entries.