Wednesday, July 16, 2008

cant write long

Sorry for the silence. My internet was down since thursday afternoon and it was only up yesterday and I've been trying to play catch up with my emails since then.
You'd think with the internet down, I would've been able to settle packing and cleaning and stuff before, but aarrrgghhhh
I still need to scrub the stove, mop the kitchen floor, and clean out the fridge.
It's 9:14am and I am leaving at 2pm.
Enough time? I hope so.
Thank God I've got my packing done. Almost. Still need to saran wrap some fresh dates.

hey hey
so what's up with the blogger's gathering?
I'm still up for August 16th, up to you if you want brunch or tea. Let's make it simple, we can meet at some park or something. Makan kacang and play ball or whatever..
Can somebody help me with this? *Looks at Nina and grins*

gotta go.


  1. eh ada blogger gathering?

  2. so far I'm still OK with the date... tunggu cik nina organizer set the place & time..

  3. the date seems to be ok for me, so far. eh tapi cuti sekolah kan? huhuhu, takut any unplanned activities pulak.

  4. wah wah.. orang arab balik dapat makan durian.. orang malaysia dapat makan fresh dates..
    kat mana nak beli ye elisa fresh dates tu? tak nampak lagi jual.. yang kat pokok tu banyak la... hehee

  5. putri - cadangan nya lah nak buat..

    nad - alamak I lupa lah nina ada company dinner ke apa tah that night.. tak tahulah dia dapat tolong ke tidak.

    mosh - ces. plan lah to come to the gathering, than it will leave no room for unplanned things.

    neeza - taufik pegi beli kat satu petrol station on the road on the way to quraish.
    pegi ajelah petik kat pokok kurma yang rendang-rendang tu.. ;)

  6. It's great to hear from you. Lordy, woman, you are just too busy sometimes!

  7. Anonymous5:28 AM

    i wud like to join jugak...16 so far looks ok...i nak tolong aper yer?? tolong bawak food boleh la...:)


  8. 16th memang langsung tak boleh saya. the whole week is a wedding week

  9. i think beelove is coming back to melben before or on 16th.

  10. that weekend and the weekend before, harus tak bley. Probably earlier or weekdays. Tapi weekdays pun, that 16th week memang tak bley. The week before probably.

  11. Anonymous8:37 AM

    Salma Hayek, Elisalah! And also to all the other ex-efxers. There's a discussion going on here: that you might want to be part of.

  12. petik kurma? hehee.. tak pasal kena potong tangan nanti.. takuttt...

  13. so you've given up on efx - come and say hello sometimes anyway won't you!

    Hope your trip went well.

  14. nak gathering jugak.. main bola kat tasik shah alam nak kerr?? :P

  15. i will be in KL 23rd August jalan-jalan cari makan.

    am planning to serang Ina Ali's shop too, call me kalau nak joing (90235569)