Sunday, July 29, 2007

What a blogathon!

Oh Boy..
what a night (and day) did we have!

We started the blogathon at 6pm malaysian time, amidst panic coz PB was not online and depended on intysaar who had no way to communicate with us so we (a bunch of us who were on YM - aiechomeyl, nutty, lollies, futuredoc and I) did what we do best.. be kepoh lah.
We scrambled to put up a clock coz the efx2 timestamp didnt match our clocks (it was like 9 minutes late), we scrambled to put up something when we saw the time passing and no new post.
I wondered if intysaar felt like we didnt trust her or something.. heh heh.
When PB got on for awhile she suddenly realized that she got her timing all wrong and we had been blogging about 3 hours earlier (or something)!
Fortunately kind souls like lollies and nazrah and nutty and nonah and intysaar volunteered to put in extra hours so that the rest of us can just stick to our schedules. Thankyou gals!!

But the real fun was not on the blog...
Off the blog, in a small YM conference window, *that's* where all the fun was. By sunday morning, the conference swelled to a group of 7 of us:
aiechomeyl, nutty, lollies, nazrah, beelove, dory and I. Not that big, but big enough to cause a riot!
At first the conversation we had pingponged from cooking to cleaning, but then nazrah's soft-p0rn harlequin romance post came on and all hell broke loose! I couldnt stop laughing I nearly choked on my indomie goreng.
We had serious conversations of course, (career opportunities in the o&g sector and the middle-east, the benefits of swissoats) .. but most parts of it were about erm.. carnal stuff. It was all educational. Really, we swear! :D

Anyways, i always have great fun during the previous blogathons and this year was no exception.

Let's do this again!

Let's give these folks a pat in the back for their efforts:
Nutty, UglyButAdorable, Dew107, aiechomeyll, nonah, nazrah, lollies, intysaar and the big kahuna: PrimaryBasic!!

You can read all the posts at myblogathon.

Here are mine:
one, two, three, four
five, six, seven, eight

By the way, we raised USD118.05 for Raudhatus Sakinah, a continuous project by WanitaJIM that exists to help the society tackle the social problems, specifically amongst teenage girls. They need funds to continue the good and important job they're doing.

Even though the blogathon is over, you can still donate! Click here to make your pledge and directly donate to the charity Raudhatus Sakinah.

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