Monday, July 30, 2007

Merdeka Makan-Makan

Merdeka Makan-Makan at 3pm on 31st August 2007, my house is still on!

Since it's tea time, we're gonna have a barbecue.. woo hooo!

So far the attendance are:

Name # adults # kids Will make/bring
Elisa (host)24marinated meat for bbq, panna cotta, drinks
Rotidua (Nina&Firhad)22?
MoshiMoshi22karipap sardin
bbd (bear&diah)21dadih
OfLionAndBear21meehoon goreng
Kejora23Merdeka cake

Please tell me if you're coming and what you plan to bring (or if u want to change what you're bringing).

I would suggest:

nasi or mee goreng or something to go with bbq, tit bits, fruits (not watermelons, unless you cut up in advance), finger food, food for kids ... you guys drink coffee/tea?

Please note that I will be leaving for Saudi the next day, so minimize leftovers! (I will also provide plastic containers for you to take leftovers home with you :) )

Email me at elisa underscore taufik at yahoo dot com if you need my address and a map to my house.

See you guys there!!

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