Sunday, July 01, 2007

The Trip Revealed

Remember the trip that I was afraid was going to get jinxed?

Well, as expected, the other guy's visa got rejected, but he's reapplying. We won't know whether he'll get it the second time around. There is a high chance that he won't, since it got rejected one time already.


heh heh.. there's a but.

Taufik's big big big boss came over for a little chat today (more on that chat in another post), and Taufik told him about the trip, how we've paid for plane tickets and hotel rooms already. And the plane tickets are non-refundable. And some hotels have a minimum cancellation fee.

So Taufik asked, sheepishly, if we could go on the trip anyway (without the friend) if the friend couldn't get the visa.

Guess what the big big big boss said?



a big tee hee!!

okay, so i think it's safe to reveal our destination now.






I am so excited!!

We are going this Saturday!!

For 6 days!! Florence, Pisa, maybe Venice, and Rome!

woo hoooo!!

and if the friend can't make it, then I'd be happier coz it means that we won't have to cater to his whims and fancies and can do whatever we want and go driving around instead of shopping!!

I can pretend I'm what's her name? Diane Lane in Under the Tuscan Sun walking on the cobble-stoned streets of quaint small villages in Tuscany. We can drive through vineyards and pretend we're in A Walk In The Clouds (which was not filmed in italy, by the way, but it does have that italian feeling, you know what I mean).

can you sense my excitement????

teee heeee!!!! :D

I'm gonna look for a peasant top and a frilly skirt now!

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