Tuesday, June 19, 2007

in not so many words

16, to be exact)

I got this bug from pizzo.

She waits. She watches. She sees a prey. She jumps on it. Munches its head. Yummeh!


Tickle tickle. Giggle Giggle. Roll around. Toys found.

Drool drool. Munch Munch. Tummy full. Good lunch.


She rushed for the bus. Closed the front door and realized she left the keys inside.


Tries to ignore the whispers around her but accusing looks made her sit quietly and cry.

(inspired by ondeonde)


Sliced roast chicken. Shredded lettuce. Orange segments. Ranch dressing. Toss all in bowl. Sprinkle almonds. Yummeh!


I have cracked my head and found that it's actually quite easy, so, now you try! :)

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