Saturday, June 02, 2007

diamonds are a girl's best friend

For the past 4 days there was a Jewellery&Watch Exhibition at the Dh@hran Exhibition Centre. I went on a thursday afternoon with 2 other ladies.

I don't really like wearing too much jewellery, but if there's one thing I have been wanting since my teens, it would be diamond bracelet.

Okay so i saw this really nice white-gold and diamond bracelet. Clarity VS and Color F. dayumm sungguh cantik, tiny roses linked by bars that is set on its side so that it looks flimsy but actually not.

The jeweller let me try it on and I almost pengsan (fainted) with glee!!! It was just the right length, so that if I wear a long sleeved shirt, it would peek out just so.

I asked how much it was.

USD2500, but after discount USD1600, which translates to SR6000.


But it's diamonds!!! Beeeyooooootifoooollll diamondsssss

I knew it was a long shot, but I would not forgive myself if I didnt at least try.

So I gave Taufik a call.

"There's a really nice bracelet sayang"

"How much does it cost?"

"errr.. 6 thousand. "


"6 thousand riyals"

"ha belilah 2,3"

"Don't lah joke with me like that..."

"gila ke 6 ribu?? Tak nak lah."

"but it's really really niiiccce"

"No. okay?"

"uhuk uhuk... okay"

So i say thankyou very much to the jeweller and walked away.

The other ladies went to look at rings next, but I had lost interest in looking any more.

Then I got a call from Taufik.


"Elisa, nanti beli lah .." (Elisa, later please buy)

*i get a small heart attack*

"Elisa, nanti beli lah barbecue chicken on the way back"

"hah? barbecue chicken?"

"yeah, from that shop in Rakah. Beli lah 2 ekor ke.. kita makan dinner ramai-ramai" (Buy 2 chickens, then we can have it for dinner together)

"erm okay"


sulk sulk sulk

pout pout pout

I am going to save a part of my monthly allowance from now on.

Takde tolak ansur dah.

next year, jaga lah...

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