Monday, January 30, 2006

The Wedding Date

I just saw The Wedding Date in full. A few weeks ago I saw it half-way, coz I had to leave to go pick up my kids from school. Today, I finally caught it in full, without interruption.

It was kinda weird actually, to watch Dermott Mulroney act all suave and charming when I just saw him chewing and spitting tobacco and screaming "Have you seen the chicken??" in Young Guns a few nights ago.

When in the world did Dermott Mulroney get so appealing?

Perhaps it was that movie.. m.. the one with Bridget Fonda playing a drug addict trained to be an assassin.. originally a french movie "Little Nikita". What was the name of that movie? I can't remember the title, but I remember that it had a lot of Nina Simone in it. (and I am too lazy to go search on imdb).
Or perhaps it all started when he sang The Way You Look Tonight to Julia Roberts in My Best Friend's Wedding.
Aaanyways.. he looked very yummy. [URL=""]I can imagine why someone would miss her husband after watching Mr.Mulroney[/URL] in this movie.
(okay I'm gonna stop mentioning his name now, coz I think I'm spelling it wrong)

Back to the movie, though.
I thought it was dissapointing. The story is all funny and romantic and all, but I somehow failed to see why Nick and Kat could fall for each other. I mean it was obvious that Nick liked Kat after some point in the story, but Why???? What was it that made Kat so special? (It was obvious why Nick was special though.. ehem).
Somehow the movie lost me there.
Perhaps because prior to watching The Wedding Date, I was watching The Notebook, which was such a poignant story that it made me cry (but then again, it might just be pregnancy hormones, but the point is, it was good enuf to make me cry). (You can look for it on imdb, it has James Garner and James Marsden in it).

But you have got to admit, the "I think I would have missed you even if I had never met you" line in The Wedding Date was beautiful. :)
Corny, but beautiful.

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