Wednesday, January 25, 2006

100 days of School

The 100th day of school is coming soon (I don't remember the exact date. I think it's in February).
I don't know what the big deal is, but the school is definitely making it a big deal. I think it's just their ploy to keep the mothers occupied because they think we have nothing better to do at home...

Ihsan has to make a poster out of 100 things.
He has chosen an 'airplane' theme, so we're gonna make a poster of an airplane flying in the clouds with some trees/plants underneath. We're gonna use dried flowers and leaves (which we have plenty of in our front yard) as the plants/earth, cotton balls as clouds, a yellow post it cut in a circle as the sun with toothpicks as the rays, and we're gonna cut out some paper to make the plane. All these things are going to be pasted on a blue poster board (so that we don't have to paint the sky).
We havent started anything yet.. and it's due this Saturday. Ihsan was very excited when we drew a sketch of his poster on paper and marked all the materials we needed. He kept asking when we're gonna start. We still need to go to the bookstore and get the stuff.

Ilham has to make a bookmark.
The bookmark has to be based on a character in a traditional story, and on the 100th day of school, he has to come to school dressed as that character.
Ilham has chosen to be a frog prince (since that would be the easiest for me to do..). We're gonna make a bookmark in the shape of a frog with a crown on top of its head, that could be 'clipped' on a page and on the frog's tummy we're gonna write "Read it, Read it" (get it?). We're gonna look for a green sweater for him, and I'm gonna make him a frog hat (with a crown of course). The bookmark's due next Wednesday.

On top of that, they're also asking for recipes because they are trying to compile an International Cookbook. I think that's easy enough.. I can just take a few from my blog, I guess, heh heh..

They're also asking some interested parents to come and read/tell a traditional story from their home country. I was initially piqued, but then I started thinking of all the Malaysian traditional stories and I think they're all a bit morbid, don't you think? I mean, there's one where a mother was swallowed by a stone, then one where a son didnt acknowledge his mother and was turned to stone, then the one where a girl's mother got thrown by the 2nd wife into a well, turned into a fish, then the 2nd wife caught the fish and fed it to the girl... I'm trying to think of a fun traditonal Malay story fit for children.. any ideas? Hm.. maybe one of the Sang Kancil stories, perhaps?

Then on the 100th day, I need to send ihsan to school with a plate of something that he can share with his friends.. this is going to be tricky coz i would need to prepare it early in the morning and it has to be easy enough for ihsan to carry..

Oh man.. and next year Anis going to start school.. would that mean I'd have to do stuff for 3 kids then??

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