Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ihsan's 100 Poster

For 100th day of school (which is on Wednesday , 8th February), Ihsan had to make a poster out of 100 things.
He had chosen an 'airplane' theme, so we were gonna make a poster of an airplane flying in the clouds with some trees/plants underneath. We were gonna use dried flowers and leaves (which we have plenty of in our front yard) as the plants/earth, cotton balls as clouds, a yellow post it cut in a circle as the sun with toothpicks as the rays, and we were gonna cut out some paper to make the plane. All these things were going to be pasted on a blue poster board (so that we don't have to paint the sky).

Key word: were.

So Thursday we went and bought all the materials required and Taufik drew the plane's body and wings on silver paper and we cut it out and we laid out everything on the blue poster board to see how it looked.. silver plane, cotton ball clouds and dried flowers+leaves trees and all. Ihsan got all excited about gluing everything on, but we told him we better do it on Friday so that there are less chances for someone (read: his little sister Anis) to mess around with it and pull something off.
So Friday came, and by Saturday morning Ihsan brought this to school:


I did say the keyword was 'were'.
Somehow during breakfast of toasts, sausages, eggs, sardines and baked beans on Friday morning, Taufik went "oh you know what, we can make a fish instead". So he traced an Arowana from the web, transferred it to a silver paper, made the scales out of yellow post its, cut out gold and pink fins and pasted it on the fish, and pasted the fish on the blue poster board.
Ihsan kept annoying me with "What happened to my plane?" and I gleefully asked him to annoy Taufik instead.
I wanted to wash my hands off the project since our original plane idea was scrapped, but it would've made me a bad sport...
So after watching Taufik paste bits of yellow plastic bag that Ihsan had cut up into seaweed and then tiny flowers made of post-its, I decided to rejoin the poster team. I made rocks out of an old cardboard box (which the boys helped paste), then tiny pink fishes out of pink post-its (can you tell that we have lotsa post-its lying around the house?). After dinner I finished the poster with a blue plastic bag cut into wavy strips to simulate water.
Ihsan and Ilham put on the final finishing touches by drawing faces on the tiny fish, and put dots on the rocks. Ilham also added a drawing of a crab, and Ihsan drew a clam (he called it a clam, but he also drew a pearl inside the clam, which then , technically makes it an oyster).(But to hell with technical discrepancies, Arowanas don't live under the sea anyways).
Ihsan named his poster "Under The Sea", and we carefully rolled it up for him to bring to school.

So here are the 100 damages:
1 silver cut out fish body
1 'googly eye'
53 post-it scales
4 gold fins
2 pink fins
6 plastic seaweeds
7 post-it flowers
10 cardboard box rocks
6 small pink post-it fishes
10 plastic wavy water thingies.

count 'em if you like.. :)

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