Friday, January 20, 2006

Weather with you

Today we had a strange sandstorm.
Strange, because I had never experienced a sandstorm before, and I had always imagined there'd be really strong winds and the sand would be scraping your face like sand paper and you would have to squint your eyes coz else the dust would get in them.
I stepped out of the house to take the bus to pick the kids from school and I saw that there was like a brown mist hanging in the air. There is a light wind, but it wasnt that strong, and it didnt scratch my face. There was definitely some dust floating in the air, but it's still breathable, though after awhile you do feel like there's something in your eyes and you start rubbing your nostrils in irritation.
Visibility is like 100meters. Further than that, you couldnt see a thing. Our bus almost hit another car at one of the junctions because that car did not stop coz maybe it didnt see us. Good thing the bus driver was very cautious so he need not stop the bus too abruptly coz we were moving quite slow and he had noticed that the other car did not seem to want to stop.
The weather is quite cold nowadays. The other day it was hovering between 10 to 14 degrees Celcius (about 40-55 degrees Farenhite). I know mamasparks is probably scoffing and calling me a wimp since 50F would be a good day in Minnessota. But I come from tropical Malaysia and I have forgotten the cold winter days in Illinois ... Good thing I stay in most of the time, and my heater works :) I've taken to wearing socks though, especially in the tile-floored kitchen.

meh.. I should count my blessings. At least we don't get our house covered by 6 foot of snow like +nectar.

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