Thursday, March 05, 2009

High Five!

I just finished cleaning the house (read: the bits that are visible) and thought I'd give myself a little pick-me up.
I would like to high five these people. If you're one of those people, high five me back!

*high five* If you have a messy kitchen!

*high five* If you have dusty shelves!

*high five* If there's junk and dust bunnies under your bed!

*high five* If you wrap the round metal thingy under your burners with foil and they.. well.. look like they are wrapped in foil !

*high five* If you have enough bread crumbs under your toaster to coat a chicken!

*high five* If your store room looks like a store room, and not a store front!

*high five* If you let your clean laundry sit in their baskets long enough to leave wrinkles!

*high five* If you always think about clearing out your closet but never get round to it!

*high five* If sometimes you just feel like vegging out!

*high five* If it's noon and you're still in your jammies!

This is not a tag, but if you feel the need to high five people too, go ahead, knock yourself out.
hey, you might even find me high fiving you back!


  1. *high five!*

    for almost all of the above hahaha!!!

  2. ha...ha..ha...this one mmg boleh 'high five!'

    -bf yg selalu buat-buat tak nampak. Bukan setakat tutup sebelah mata. Tutup dua-dua belah mata tgk buku, pencils, legos yg bersepah arghhh. Baju je kena settle sbb susah pulak le if takde baju nak pakai nanti.

  3. hey are you talking about me? hahahahah

    part jammies tu yang paling gua tak tahan sekali

  4. yeayyyyyy high five! except the last coz i can wear the same jammies the whole day..why stop at noon? hehehe

    i tak berani nak tulis any suggestions.. takut membuka pekung aje haha

  5. Dear kak Elisa,

    Banyaknya kena high five! Mujur hari ni dah tukar my jammies...hehehe... terasa sungguh ku terasa... hehehe!

  6. [This is in no way an insult to you, but]

    *high five!* to the pemalas!

  7. Anonymous11:08 AM

    memang terasa betulla. ade sape2 yg jadi superwoman bila dekat2 husband dia nak balik keje?-high five to u lah!

  8. i cant hi-5 u, i would do low 5... sbb semua bende tuh bibik yg buat.... adoi malunye dgn Perfect Housewives semua ni...

  9. *High 5* to all above except the last one, lol. Tapi next week kena kemas tip top sikit psl ada inspection week after. *sigh*

  10. *high five*

    adeihhhhhhh terkena batang idungku!

  11. high five to all of that. (glad i'm not alone)