Sunday, March 15, 2009


Yes folks, E.F.X. THREE.

After the demise of efx2, a few of the more capable folks tried to do something to save it, but with no help from the original developer, they couldnt do much, so they decided to start anew with efx3.

I don't know how many of the fellow refugees would go back. But I feel obligated to tell you that at least some of the old community is back. And, I feel obligated to tell you that if do want to go back, you can.

I have started to build my place in efx3, but I'm still uncertain of what I'm gonna do with it. I might end up blogging on three places - Here, there and FB.
To tell you the truth, I really miss the modblog/efx2 folks, but, BUT, I'm kinda like in a "twice bitten many times shy" mode right now. I am sure many of you are as well.

I am a pessimistic and hopeful person though.
I can't promise you the same wonderful modblog/efx2 experience, but I'm sure if we give it a little time, we might get pretty close :)

Just wanted to share this with you guys, so that you know that if you're still looking for a home, there's a place where you can go :)


  1. famygirl4:41 PM

    adehhh. nak pindah-pindah yang tak larat nih. but i miss the modblog/efx community too. tengoklah macam mana. i am already blogging in blogspot, back-up in wordpress. FB jarang log in.

  2. mana2 u pegi i still will follow.. :P

  3. i miss the old days too...kat blogspot ni cam maleh jer nak buat posting, how i miss all of you :P

    anyway, saya akan tunggu dan lihat :)

  4. well, ill always sign up for a new account (modblog, efx2, efx2blogs...ape2 lagi lah).

    Its using wp platform though, which ive never really got a liking to...

  5. Hey!

    Thanks for doing this :D

    The WP control panel is slightly better since the update but it's still not as user-friendly as the efx one was. We are planning on modifying it though, eventually, to make it nicer.

    Aaaaaaand, one thing I do like about it - you can import your blogger/blogspot posts very easily. :)

  6. famy,
    Tapi moving is SO easy.. ada 'Magic Button'!

    I know, you peminat setia I, kan kan kan?? *loves*

    There's already a few people who has opened a blog on Efx3. I'm foreseeing that you're not gonna wait and see for too long.. hee hee

    What is it that you dont like about WP? curious jugak nak tahu.

    Oh my god oh my god
    Not only did it import all my posts, it imported the comments as well!!
    I am almost fainting with glee!

  7. after modblog, i never blog anymore.. kecik ati.. huhu :P so now, baca blog org saja..

    (boredom from modblog)

  8. hmm i also no like the wordpress very much. I rasa ianya tak friendly sangat. I am talking about wordpress not efx3. I sampai sekarang tak tau macamana nak tukar font size and colour. And I find it harder to control the flow of clean writing. So my entries kat wordpress selalu nampak selekeh. beci betul.

    The thing I suka is dia selalu letak links to related posts as the one i posted. I kinda like it. The setback is, my entry could be linked elsewhere. I may not necessarily like that. I am selfish I know.

    Some people like wordpress though. So it must be me who is just lazy to dig through.

    But i will booked a name in efx3 that is for sure.

  9. i have booked my place in efx3, upon the insistence of gart.

    to use it is another matter lah. err the blogspot one also hasn't been updated for ages!

  10. I also missed the efx2 at blogspot pun dah ramai gak kawan..tapi ada magic button eh? wehhheeeeyyy...nak pi book tempat gak lah...hehehehe

  11. Like lolls says, I don't feel that it's user friendly enough. It's a tad bit hard to navigate through, and its not as fully customizable in terms of design (yea yea, ni je yang i kesah sebenarnya...haha)

    but its actually a very reliable platform. :D